SyncApps Integration: Which Software Apps to Use in Terms of the Company Orientation (Service vs Product)

We all know that the needs of a service oriented company are different from those of a product oriented company. For one thing, a service oriented company “sells” intangibles but a product oriented company sells tangibles that you can see and touch. The difference between the needs of a service oriented company and a product oriented company then is that a service oriented company measures its performance differently.

To measure the performance of a service oriented company, you would need to rely on measurement of time. You also need to note if the goals of the company were met after a definite time period. These are the two important metrics that you need to take into account so that you know if you are making progress. It is rather subjective to determine if the goals were actually met though. On the other hand, a product oriented company just counts the units of its product that have been sold over a period of time, thus it is easier to count.

So how do you choose a SyncApps Combo (Integration Services between 2 Software Apps) that is appropriate for a service oriented company? Well, it depends on what the service oriented company needs to do to meet its business goals. Definitely, a service oriented company will need to keep track of its leads, contacts, and accounts so an example of a good app for that kind of company is Salesforce. The service oriented company can also engage in email marketing so you might need either Constant Contact or MailChimp for that. You then have a choice of syncing your Salesforce to Constant Contact or syncing Salesforce to MailChimp instead.

These are just two examples of a relevant Sync Profile (details in video above) that would definitely be helpful for a service oriented company. The company can still “sell” its service by measuring time and goals, but SyncApps in such a company would still be useful and doable. So you need to be certain of what you need SyncApps for before you sign up for it so that you get the right App Combo for the needs of your company. You can always rely on a trial version of Cazoomi SyncApps first so you can test out different Sync Profiles before you definitely decide to get a paid version of Cazoomi SyncApps instead.

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