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SyncApps by Cazoomi teams specialize in building integration service applications which subscribers can easily use and Twilio Call Tracking was high on the list to add to their portfolio of services. After a 2 week Proof of Concept with Twilio and MailChimp teams, we had our initial design for the integrated service starting with NetSuite and are now rolling out the completed app this week. Design:

Download Operating Guide today! Today our subscribers can utilize this robust application with Twilio Call Tracking Metrics inside their NetSuite dashboards. Do you have to manage multiple online marketing campaigns internally or trying to track both onsite conversions and phone call conversions? With the Twilio Call Tracking Add-on you can easily tie incoming phone calls to lead/contact records inside your CRM to capture real-time Email Marketing Campaign ROI. Sign up for your Free Test Drive today!

Watch this video *Currently supported SyncApps: NetSuite to MailChimp Watch: Beyond PPC: 8 Ways to Increase Conversions With Call Tracking using Twilio