Cazoomi enables business applications to talk to each other using SyncApps®, the Integration Cloud for Small Business.

There are thousands of companies and nonprofits using SyncApps®, from household names like the New York Times, Cisco, SUNY, United Way Bay Area, Watermark, Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, to the yoga studio down the block.

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Sync Volusion to GlobalShopex

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Volusion GlobalShopex

Major Features

  • Shipping to over 150 countries.
  • Localized single page checkout experience.
  • Extremely aggressive International shipping rates and duties and taxes calculations.
  • GlobalShopEx takes on full risk of fraud and chargebacks.
  • Fully integrated solution that enables merchants to sell worldwide without any risk.



Touch base with the Cazoomi product team leads, share ideas, and get answers to your SyncApps questions.

  • Get a SyncApps guru dedicated to review your integration with you?
  • Need some help with your Sync Profile setup?
  • Want a Cazoomi team lead to hop on a meeting to have a look into a problem you are having?

​Scaling Up and Scaling Down. For more on our Support and Consulting offers, contact us and we'll discuss all available options including referrals to access to our network of implementation partners, if needed.

With more than 100+ software applications on Cazoomi and literally hundreds of cloud applications & software solutions on the market today Cazoomi has partnered with Software Advice to give our subscribers unbiased and FREE access in selecting the right software solutions for sales, service, marketing, financials and more.

Cazoomi relies on Software Advice experts to provide our subscribers, in this highly fragmented software market, demos & pricing around SaaS or Cloud applications as they evaluate different software solutions.

Check out Software Advice's Buyer Guides below to make sense of the applications used at your business today or ones you are considering subscribing to tomorrow.


Application Categories
Implementing & Integrating your Applications

Every business has unique needs around CRM, Support & Marketing Software.

Customer relationship management is at the core of every organization’s interactions with prospects, customers, vendors and partners at every touch point. Make sure your applications for marketing, sales and customer support match the goals of your business today. At Cazoomi we implement, integrate and support applications which will help your business boost sales, bolster customer satisfaction and build your business with measurable results.

Application Categories

Marketing Automation Key players include Act-On Software, Eloqua, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Marketo, Pardot and Silverpop.
Sales Force Automation Key players include Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite,, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.
Customer Service & Support Key players include, FreshDesk, Kayako, Parature and Zendesk.
Field Service Management Key players include Service Pro,, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.
Call Center Automation Key players include, Five9, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle.
Help Desk Automation Key players include FreshDesk, Kayako, Parature, PhaseWare, Spiceworks and Zendesk.
Channel Management Key players include Goldmine, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and

Getting Started

Cazoomi is a leading provider of software and services for the real time business.

Cazoomi enables small businesses to large enterprises to implement, integrate and support their applications through real time SyncApps, Dual-Shore service teams and key software/services partners which results in measurable benefits for our subscribers.

Cazoomi's software and services solutions can help you:

  • Implement your CRM, Support, Marketing and Financial systems
  • Integrate real time data to convert more prospects to customers
  • Support your systems and help measure your Cloud spend ROI

Cazoomi offers demonstrations of our products and solutions so please get in touch with us today to request a demo.

P: 1.415.400.4541 E: ~ Cazoomi Teams

How it Works

Stay more connected than ever using Volusion to GlobalShopex!

  • Track the total number of shipping products
  • Track progress on your most recent international shipments
  • Keep track of your Global customers with a few touches
  • Volusion customer details synced to GlobalShopex
  • Never have to manually true up your shipping again!
Volusion and Cazoomi deliver a new way to sync Volusion for optimal international shipping!
We provide a fully integrated solution for Volusion to GlobalShopex with captured contact and customer data, from Volusion to GlobalShopex.
Give your small business an edge with GlobalShopex.

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2 Free Weeks


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