Cazoomi Asia Q2 Retreat: Collaborating Team Spirit

  • July 05, 2017|
  • 5 minute read

Cazoomi Retreat Q2

Work hard & Play harder

Cazoomi Asia Pacific Team was fascinated by the beauty of nature, so we have decided to hold our Cazoomi Retreat last May 25 to 28, 2017 in Camiguin Island. A day before our trip, we synced up as a team where we discussed and Work hard & Play hardershared ideas. Our goal was to have a place where we can work together and have fun at the same time.

The team came up with a plan and had set a schedule for work and play. We worked like crazy in mornings, went to visit amazingly cool destinations by midday till afternoon, and gathered ourselves for dinner then all ready for the support onslaught at night since we use a Follow-the-Sun model at Cazoomi.  During this time, we reflected on our experiences and thoughts on this retreat. Late night gatherings were also the time we contemplate on things and just have a casual discussion with the team around life, work and the future.

Generating Ideas

Generating Ideas

During our late night talks, our team doesn’t seem to be exhausted at all. We feel energized, and all of us are enthusiastic about the ideas we have collected. Everyone started bringing up ideas for product enhancements and also we have come up with the notion of a “subscription based salary” which would benefit all the employees and the company as well.

The team has always been open to the idea of creating new integrations. Yup! Not just one but three SyncApps integrations! This retreat had so much to give us, and that was –lots of ideas!

From months of discussions, hard work and dedication, the development team has finally released new software integrations with ActiveCampaign for NetSuite, Pipeliner, and Zoho CRM due to popular demand.

Also, the team celebrated as Cazoomi made it to the Top 10 best performing data integration software for small businesses! All these good news had made the team rejoice and excited for new enhancements!

The Island Born of Fire

The Island Born of Fire

Waking up in a relaxing place after a long night of exciting plans and discussions, we then decided to explore the island. Camiguin Island is a pear-shaped volcanic island on the northwest coast of Mindanao, Philippines. It is also called “The island born of fire.” Camiguin Island has one active volcano which is Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Moreover, the volcanic eruptions had made this island full of spectacular beauty and wealthy of history. Subsequently, the island has been identified by the Department of Tourism as one of the 25 tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Summerfrolic Trip

On the 2nd day after our #workanywhere time, we went on a trip to the beautiful, recommended Camiguin spots. We prepared an itinerary and schedule to make sure we visited every place with spectacular scenery and history. The first stopover was Katibawasan Falls. Its cold waters descending 70 meters on a clear pool surrounded by trees and boulders gave the team a refreshing summer feels.

Next stop, the Old Ruins of San Roque Church. These are the reminiscence of the eruption of Old Vulcan Daan way back in 1871. The team found ourselves astounded by the high, thick, century-old walls that stand reminiscent of the Spanish Settlement.

Our third destination was the Sunken Cemetery where a large white cross that stands in the sea marks the cemetery that was swept by a volcanic eruption back in 1871. Luckily, the team was the first group to sail across the monument during that time. The tour guide made the experience much more fun and unforgettable for his humor and tricks in taking photos.

Summerfrolic Trip

The team roamed and visited almost all tourist destinations in the island, and every bit of it was magnified by its historical riches and beauty.

Cazoomi and Retreat

Most of us expect that a company retreat does those usual team building activities such as participating in the regular group activities, listening to motivational speakers, etc.. In Cazoomi, we do our fun and exciting way that fits our interests as a team!

On our regular working hours before the retreat, Clint, our CEO, never fails to motivate us. He believed we can always do something great within the company as a team. His words kept us moving, that pushed us out of the box.

During our 3-day retreat, we had this “fellowship nights” that we, as a team, motivate each other with in-depth work-related talks. This late-night conversation helped us discover the hidden talents of the team members that could help us improve not just the company, but also the perception of work and life as individuals. And during the day, we visit most of the tourist spots in the island exchanging conversations and came up with lots of ideas flowing like the waters of Camiguin.

Wrapping it all up

Our last night in Camiguin Island was an entertaining one. We were chilling beside the pool, having fun while working –realizing how lucky we were to be a part of this great team. We had endless conversations and laughter. We laughed on our mistakes and realized how much we learned from them. Also, we expressed intense gratitude for every achievement we had attained.

This retreat has tied a strong connection between us, re-energized, and we got home feeling amazed and accomplished. We have learned to disclose ourselves to each other, creating a more comfortable environment. Cazoomi Retreat was a great opportunity for us to work and play which undoubtedly strengthen our bond that significantly contributes to better teamwork and productivity.

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