Cazoomi Founder’s Daily Routine: A Work-Life Balance of a Remote Founder

  • July 07, 2018|
  • 5 minute read

How do you become successful working remotely with an all remote team?

To become successful, you have to master and maintain good habits and routines that lead to success. These habits will help you towards the path of reaching your goals, whether those are having more time to do the things you like or to work more to build the team or company you desire. In fact, most successful people in the remote work sphere keep up their routine on a daily basis. Keeping a daily routine improves productivity, creative thinking, mental health, and work-life balance.

Curious about our Founder’s routine, we synced up with him to know how he starts his workday as a remote Founder. We wanted to know what his daily routine is, and if it’s constant or varies much.

Meet Clint who founded in 2009 and now is the top advisor to our team of 20+ in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

He holds an aggressively diverse background of more than 25 years of experiences from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Before he started Cazoomi, he was sought out by top SaaS firms like Salesforce and NetSuite to drive both small and large scale SaaS sales, implementation, integration and support projects.

As the founder at Cazoomi, a key player in the data integration space, he was responsible for all strategic and operational functions of the company for nearly a decade.

Under his leadership, Cazoomi grew in excess of 100% month over month during the private beta in 2009-2010, garnered over 1500 subscribers on the platform, launched the company’s international operations with teams now in Philippines, Indonesia, and Europe in 2018.

Today with over 30,000+ subscribers using SyncApps, the platform, the Philippines team is key to sustainability in our field.

In broader circles, he is well known as an ultra-marathoner, avid cyclist and four continent solo-mountain biking finalist.

Let’s take a look at where he is now advising Cazoomi as a fast-growing 100% remote work company.

Morning Routine

As a remote Founder, Clint has the opportunity to choose his workplace. He can work anywhere he feels most comfortable. There are times Clint loves to work from home, at the office or even sometimes at coffee shops or parks. Since he often travels he works anywhere he is when on the move. When asked about his morning routine, he answered avidly.

Clint starts his day as early as 5:30 am. As soon after getting up, he grabs an espresso and checks his email to answer any urgent ones. He advises his customer support team up until 10 am and yes, on some days his routine changes. There are times our Founder starts his day with exercise. He does either cycling or running and checks his email between rests. Clint makes sure he includes exercise in his daily routine to make him feel refreshed and keep his energy kicking all throughout the day. It’s either he does some subscriber support advice first thing in the morning or gets some exercise, it’s not a big deal for him as long as he gets to do both daily and starts his day early.

Midday and Late Afternoon Routine

After doing support, it is often the time of the day where our Founder spends his time reading. He reads a lot of B2B integration articles and partner emails as well and shares his insights with the team. Some other days when he fails to exercise early in the morning, it’s time he goes out running rain or shine.

In the late afternoon, on most days, is his leisure time. When we asked what he loves to do, he answered in one word: Netflix. He loves to spend his time watching on Netflix to get some relaxation. It’s his way to liberate himself from anything work-related. Just like working out, taking a break from work refreshes his mind and increases his productivity. After Netflix is his time for content and website review as well as project monitoring of each of our team’s key initiatives each quarter.

Night Routine

At 9 pm, tickets and calls usually come rushing in so together with our remote Customer Support Managers, our Founder makes sure our team reviews all tickets, and he reads each and everyone as well. And the most crucial part of his night routine is crashing. Usually, our Founder calls it a night at 11 pm. He always tries to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep every night to have enough energy for the next morning’s schedule.

Although there are times our Founder’s daily routine changes, he makes minor adjustments to keep up with a good routine. He is open to any sudden changes at any day as long as he gets good sleep, exercise, and a time for relaxation for the day’s responsibilities that set him up for success.

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