Cazoomi Rockstars Triumph at Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism

  • December 21, 2017|
  • 3 minute read

Startup weekend bohol tourism edition

Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism Edition was the first-ever themed Startup Weekend in the Philippines.  The event was held last September 29 to October 1, 2017, at Bohol Bee Farm.  The 54-hour event was themed “Tourism,” primarily focused on the convergence of technology and innovations created for the tourist industry in Bohol.  In like manner, all the participants’ startup ideas were carefully picked and developed over the weekend.

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Cazoomi Rockstars in the spotlight!

After Geeks on a Beach, our Cazoomi Asia team decided to join Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism — this time, as participants.  Joanna, Jan, and Immanuel presented each of their 60-second elevator pitch on the first day of the event.  With tons of confidence in their ideas and with a bit of luck, all three startup ideas were picked in the top ten best startup ideas.



The rest of the participants roamed every startup idea to learn more about them and picked our best bet and became part of the team.  Angie, John, and I chose to be part of Locally lead by Joanna.  Locally aimed to feature remote and uncharted tourist destinations by creating an app that could provide local and foreign access to those areas.  The trick was having a game where points are earned when tourists check in featured places.  Earned points can be redeemed at pasalubong shops.


Food to you

Jan and Joshua were the only Cazoomi Rockstars who chose to never give up on their startup idea.  Even they only had two people on their team, they both worked hard for it like crazy!  Food-To-You aimed to offer an app that provides users with a list of restaurants near their location.  The list includes every restaurant’s menu and price lists, so tourists can choose which restaurant offers delicious meals that fit their budget.


Grab a trainer

Grab a Trainer was an idea lead by Immanuel.  He had Reymar in his team and other two geeks from outside our Cazoomi team.  The idea was also a hit since it aimed to offer an app that provides instructors for tourists who wish to train on a vacation.  Even when they’re away from the gym, they still could still do home workouts or boxing sessions with professional trainers.

Judgement day!

After all the teams presented their final pitch to the judges, it was then when we were all crossing our fingers — hoping all three of our startup ideas would make it again.  Each group was assessed and judged based on validation, executive and design, and business model.  Gladly, Locally made it to the 3rd place, and Grab-a-Trainer won The Best Logo. Not bad!

Judgement Day
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But wait, there’s this one guy from our Cazoomi team who wasn’t mentioned above, Syd.  Well, this guy took a different path and chose his team outside our own.  Surprisingly, his group won first place!

His team, Local Ride lead by Justine was amazing!  The idea was to provide an app that allows tourists to search for routes in every city with modes of transportation and regulated estimated fares.  Also, tourists can report scammers.  The app could be a useful tool for tourists to avoid scammers or drivers that demand overcharged fares.

Local Ride

For three days, a lot was earned and learned during the event.  It was indeed a great experience for us having to step out of our comfort zones and finally try something we once were hesitant to do.  Thanks, Startup Weekend Bohol peeps!  Cazoomi Asia is looking forward to joining another challenging and fun-filled startup weekend event in the future.

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