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How We Support Our Subscribers during the Last Leg of the Pandemic
  • February 11, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

The World Health Organization has said loud and clear that the pandemic is not over yet. Some analyses say that we can expect a certain return to normalcy in the second quarter of 2021, while others remain more pessimistic.

We’re an optimistic bunch and we like to look at the full half of the glass. Still, this doesn’t mean that we’re completely oblivious to…well, reality.

Almost a year ago we started new initiatives to support our subscribers — as soon as the crisis became a certainty. Today, we look to the future optimistically but without denying that, no matter how soon the pandemic is declared over, its effects on small businesses will be much longer-lasting.

In the US alone, 43% of SMEs closed between January and April last year and countless others still face the potential of a complete shutdown, even with lockdown measures growing less strict.

The political, technological, and societal factors are the three major risk drivers that will persist even after the pandemic is over. Protracted uncertainty is, in my opinion, the biggest challenge of the upcoming period.

Businesses of all sizes need certainty to be able to evolve and grow. They need to know what they can rely on and which risks to mitigate first. Obviously, a global pandemic takes all that off the table.

Even if some industries have grown exponentially since the debut of the pandemic (I’m looking at you, eCommerce and digitalization!), this doesn’t mean that the growth itself wasn’t a bumpy ride, full of unexpected perils, especially for small businesses.

Because we know how important it is to have some constants to rely on when everything seems to be changing around you, we’re renewing our pledge to support our subscribers during the upcoming year with more special programs, discounts, and, of course, the reliability you’re already accustomed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SyncApps by Cazoomi Business Continuity Plan?

All our remote teams based in the Philippines have solid plans based on the nature of any impact upon our online business. We maintain a robust, solid infrastructure on Rackspace, our trusted partner across the SyncApps cloud infrastructure, which adds to our stability and business continuity which we review yearly.

2. Will my SyncApps service be affected in any way?

Nope, you’re all set as our 100% online platform as a service, SyncApps, has not experienced any disruption to our Rackspace Cloud availability due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis. Our SLAs of support in under 2 hours, 24/7, remain in place as we serve our 25,000+ subscribers from all walks of life, in every industry.

3. How can I get updates on COVID-19 from SyncApps by Cazoomi?

Our teams can be reached on all our channels, whether email, social, or support. If you have any questions please reach out 24/7 via your preferred channel as our amazing team will be able to assist. If any change affects the vast majority of our subscribers, we’ll always communicate it via email, on our blog, or on our social media profiles.

4. Do you still offer discounts for certain industries?

Absolutely! We’re proud to support the nonprofit, education, and health industries with 50% discounts on all our plans. Other discounts for other industries are available across our platform. Can’t find the one you need? Reach out to us anytime!

5. Can I use your integrations for free?

Yes! The INTEGR8 Hub is designed to help small businesses with tiny budgets leverage digitalization and integration at their finest. Access is 100% FREE and it will stay this way!

By the way, so are countless other integrations and add-ons not listed on the hub. Sign up for SyncApps to find them all.

Did we miss anything? We might have! We aim to offer personalized solutions to our subscribers. So if you see something that’s missing from this list or if you think we can help you in any way we haven’t yet figured out, reach out and let us know. We’re super friendly!

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