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Lead Nurturing Made Easy: One Click Is All it Takes
  • May 12, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

Marketing automation is a wonderful thing. Right up until you get too comfortable and figure: what the heck, i”m just gonna send this promotion to everyone on my list, something’s gotta stick.

It’s human nature to think that the bigger the net you cast the better your chances at catching something are. While that may be true on high seas, it’s completely wrong in digital marketing.

You’ll never catch your Moby Dick with a big net thrown automatically, with very little thought to strategy or to Moby Dick’s preferences.

We’ve spoken a lot about the feud between marketing and sales and how, when they work together as an actual team, ROI soars. Marketing automation done right (read: the smart way) can help you achieve all that easily.

Quick bird’s-eye-view: marketing is responsible for creating catchy and engaging campaigns. But most of the relevant data (like which leads are ready to convert and which need more nurturing) lies with sales. Combine your insights and you’ll get super-effective campaigns that help you meet business goals.

The sales team will log most of their data in Salesforce. The marketers are the absolute masters of Mailchimp (or another marketing automation tool). They know all its ins and outs and they can create amazing campaigns. But the insights for which contacts are better suited for what campaign have to come from sales (or Salesforce in our example).

Now if you have no integration between Salesforce and Mailchimp no one can blame you for not wanting to check contact by contact to create proper segmentation. For large lists, it will take ages.

But did you know there’s a MUCH easier and MUCH faster way to segment your contacts in Mailchimp based on insights from Salesforce?

Sales Insights + Marketing Campaigns = ROI

Your sales colleagues know a lot about their leads. And they can share their insights seamlessly with the marketing department through Salesforce. All they have to do is add a tag in Salesforce. The tag can mean that a certain contact is interested in a certain line of products or that the contacts marked with it are very, very close to being converted.

Now that you have this info, all you have to do is leverage it in Mailchimp. Want to add a Mailchimp tag to contact if a specific Salesforce checkbox is checked?

You can do this easily by using Step 5 in the Filtering & Segmentation feature + in Step 2 using Tags.

In the Step 2 Segmentation Method choose “Use Tags” and then it will automatically create Mailchimp Groups or Tags into your Mailchimp Audience from your Salesforce.

Step 2 Segmentation Method choose “Use Tags”

In Step 5, each Segment Name will create Groups. Yet, if Tags is selected in Step 2 then Tags will be created instead.

Uses Segmentation from Salesforce Contacts to Mailchimp will syncs records from each defined segment into separate Mailchimp Groups or Tags, which will help them send the right emails to different audiences.

Segmentation from Salesforce Contacts to Mailchimp

Check out here how Filtering and Segmentation Works:

StoryCorps is a nonprofit organization on a great mission: to collect and preserve humanity’s most amazing stories so they can be enjoyed by generations to come. StoryCorps uses Mailchimp for Salesforce to integrate their records. As they want to keep all their donors and stakeholders close, segmentation is of the utmost importance.

Remember: StoryCorps deals with stories. So they have to tell amazing stories even through their campaigns. As we all know, different people resonate with different stories, so segmentation has to be their priority. This is what they achieve by using the SyncApps Salesforce to Mailchimp integration:

  • Segment Name that will automatically create a group to Mailchimp and help them easily send email group people of interest and stories.
  • With SyncApps, StoryCorps can sync 1 – 1,000,000+ Contacts between Salesforce and Mailchimp.
  • Using integration helps them save 2hrs a day of work
  • As a nonprofit, StoryCorps gets a 50% discount on SyncApps for life! (You can, too!)

Feature highlights for Nonprofits

Reach out to the world. Integrate your Nonprofit or Institution and get an exclusive 50% off on all our pricing plans!

  • Manage existing multiple systems effectively.
  • Simplify processes so you can focus on strengthening connections with members, finding new donors, and delivering better services through Leads obtained from Marketing Automation Campaigns.
  • Track time and money spent and progress on projects using rules-based Field Mapping and Segmentation Features.

Ready to take your segmentation and lead nurturing to the next level? Start here!

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