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No Cost, No Stress: The INTEGR8℠ Marketing Integration Platform
  • August 07, 2019|
  • 3 minute read

No Cost, No Stress: The INTEGR8℠ Marketing Integration Platform

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat: there’s a lot of information available on the internet about practically anything. Are you looking for information on a good integration platform? The internet will provide you with a list, as well as the definition, etymology, and current history of every platform on the list.

Sorting through the wealth of information can be a hassle, though. It can be especially stressful having to look up information for a platform you’ve already chosen when the information is scattered across several pages – and with incomplete data to boot! That’s just frustrating.

Having all of the desired information in one easy location is the best practice for any company that’s looking to gain traction on the internet. This is why here at Cazoomi, we’ve brainstormed and come up with INTEGR8℠, a one-stop hub for anything and everything related to marketing automation integration.

the new integr8 hub

You might be wondering though – why just marketing automation integration?

When it comes to software integrations handled by SyncApps – Cazoomi’s software integration platform – we noticed that most of our subscribers utilize marketing automation integration. Seriously, it’s a lot; a considerable percentage of SyncApps platform subscribers automate a ton of marketing integrations with their teams daily. With that volume of use comes the proportional volume of support tickets asking about SyncApps functions that we’ve outlined elsewhere on our Help Center website.

It’s a head-scratcher for us; how can we get this wealth of information closer to our subscribers and those who implement our solutions? What should we do to get our subscribers to use our platform to its fullest potential?

That’s when we came up with INTEGR8℠.

Originally called the Free Marketing Integration Hub (a mouthful, to be sure), INTEGR8℠ is intended to be our open-access center for all things related to marketing automation integration. It has a section dedicated to the software we support – from software descriptions to software features – and which integration combinations any team can try out.

On top of that, everything we’ve listed on the INTEGR8℠ free hub starts at free. Additional functionality is optional, which means you won’t have to upgrade for the heavier features until your use case demands it.

And that’s another thing: we don’t charge you unless you opt into Plans or Add-Ons that require payment. You don’t get charged until you opt into a Plan or Add-Ons that require them – so you can rest assured that you can continue using your marketing automation integration without worrying about payment until you need it in a project.

INTEGR8℠ also features our Help Center heavily. Are you looking for Help Center updates, feature articles, or new product features and integrations? This is the place to check them out, as they’re showcased on the hub along with their related marketing integrations.

In unifying our information, we’ve created a space for subscribers, agencies and consultants alike to fully utilize SyncApps to the hilt, and a place for us to consolidate the information we’re constantly refining for everyone’s benefit. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s just a tap away – so give INTEGR8℠ a try today.

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