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Q4 2020 New Feature and Enhancements
  • March 15, 2021|
  • 14 minute read

Hi there! It’s that time of the quarter again — the time when we bring good news about the most recent updates to the SyncApps platforms. If you’re a regular on our blog, then you must already know about some of them. If not, buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

During the last quarter of 2020, we’ve been planning for two scenarios: one where the pandemic gives us a break at long last and some of our subscribers get to re-open their businesses fully and, sadly, one where the pandemic is still with us and we need to help more businesses transition their operations to the online world.

Some countries are in the first scenario (or getting closer to it), while others are still in the latter. We are proud to say we can support any business, irrespective of their industry and the scenario they operate in.

In fact, if we’d be the betting type, we’d be willing to bet that our flexibility is what helped us thrive even during the darkest months of the pandemic. Throughout 2020, we’ve done a ton of research to better understand how to support businesses in every industry that relies on us. We know that each of them has unique needs and has to abide by different regulations depending on the country/state they are in.

This is how we came up with:

  • More FREE plans to suit every industry and every type of business. Our goal: getting as many companies as possible to leverage the power of integration — all without putting an additional strain on their budget.
  • 50% discount on ALL the plans for nonprofits — this perk is still active. It’s our way of helping important missions that are often overlooked by the governments. We know nonprofits have had a hell of a year, so we wanted to lend a hand.
  • 24/7 support for all plans. We beefed up our all-hands support model as we hate the business model where you have to pay an arm and a leg to be granted access to support. We strongly believe that support is a basic customer right, so, at SyncApps, it’s free for everyone. Plus, it’s fast and friendly.
  • Tons of new features and integrations, most of them inspired by your direct requests. As always, tell us what you need and how we can help you get more out of your integrations and we’ll do our best for you to find your wish granted in the next release.

Speaking of new features and integrations, let’s take a look at the ones that are fresh from the dev oven.

Pro tip: looking for a particular integration or for a new feature in an integration you already use? CTRL+F to skip right to that section!


New Integrations


By popular demand, these are the new integration services now available on the SyncApps platform. Don’t see the one you need? We’re probably already working on it, so drop us a line to ask us about it. We’d be happy to answer. Plus, your email will surely motivate us to get the work done faster!

Apto for Constant Contact and Mailchimp

Constant Contact for Apto

Apto integrations were in high demand, especially since the real estate industry took a hard hit during the pandemic. The SyncApps integration allows brokers, property managers, and real estate agents to stay in touch with their customers easily and safely.

These are the main features in the new integration:

  • Sync your Brokerage Contacts bidirectionally to Constant Contact.
  • Retrieve Email Campaigns in Constant Contact and create an Activity or Note for each in Apto. This feature allows you to create laser-targeted marketing campaigns and communicate with your team seamlessly. You can read more about it here.
  • Sync back Constant Contact Email Campaigns to Apto Notes and add attachment Email sent to Leads and Contacts. (Designed specifically for Brokers’ compliance)


Mailchimp for Apto

Just like the above, this new integration is specifically designed for the real estate and property management industry. We’ve already seen great success stories with it, so keep an eye out on the subscriber stories for real-life use cases.

In the meantime, here’s how it can help you:

  • Bring back only records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in Apto. Plus, learn what your subscribers clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • Connect multiple Apto instances to multiple Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy brokerage and location management.
  • Utilize the Multiple Group Category feature in Mailchimp right within the integration to segment your contacts from Apto to the right Mailchimp Group Category and Mailchimp Group.
  • Retrieve Email Campaigns in Mailchimp and create an Activity for each Campaign Response. Saw that someone is interested in a certain listing? You can now access this information across platforms and easily assign it to the right representative.

ActiveCampaign for Salesforce

This is another highly anticipated integration. There are very few alternatives to it in the iPaaS market and none of them offer all the features below. If you use both ActiveCampaign and Salesforce, you’ll be amazed at what you can do when you connect them.


  • Salesforce Edition must have API Enabled to use integration. Supported “Built on Salesforce” software: PatronManager, Raiser’s Edge, Apto, Propertybase, and Navatar. Nonprofit Success Pack™ (NPSP) is also supported.
  • Sync Accounts (even Person Accounts), Contacts, Leads to ActiveCampaign List(s), Tag(s) or Both. We’re super proud of this feature and it’s pretty scarce in the iPaaS market. Have you tried it yet?
  • Easily select which Salesforce Object Type, Contacts, Leads, or Accounts, to be created when there is a new subscriber in ActiveCampaign. This gives you full control over your leads and fuels your lead nurturing efforts. Your sales reps will know from the get-go what is the status of each new lead and what they should do to convert it!

That’s it for the new integration. Now let’s dive into the new features. If you’re already using SyncApps, you might find some new goodies to try out:




Sync separate Merge Tags (Fields) from Order in Shopify on Main List

This is a feature that was explicitly requested by one of our creative subscribers. They needed to sync separate Merge Tags so they can have better control over their orders and offer better customer services — the two pillars of eCommerce.

With this feature, they are now able to email their customers based on their pickup locations and save a lot of delivery time. Plus, they get more insights into which areas are more relevant for their business.

This is their message:

Use case: Pass note attributes from Shopify to Mailchimp and have these fields automatically updated for each customer as they are updated in Shopify.

The feature will place this cart attributes to a single field in Mailchimp like:

The goal is to be able to discreetly email groups of people based on their pickup location and next pickup date, if we can achieve that with all the data in one field that will work.


pickup location, next pickup date

Each field would be mappable from Shopify to Mailchimp

Note Attribute

And, of course, we were happy to deliver:

In Shopify (Step 1), and this will expose (By Note Attribute) under Segmentation Strategy.

Note Attribute

Check out how our subscriber use this feature here. How to Spend 1 Minute or Less on eCommerce Email Campaign Personalization


Double opt-in feature for Constant Contact

This is one of our favorite new features and, of course, it’s another customer request. Double opt-in is a great marketing tactic since it allows for better segmentation of subscribers based on their interests.

The email from our client read:

Use Case: While it is activated in Constant Contact if a new contact is created (the email address does not exist in ConstantContact) then the double opt-in is not triggered.

An excellent point! We were happy to make this happen.

Please note that the double opt-in trigger only works for new Contacts. The feature will not work on existing Contacts because of Constant Contact’s API limitations.

Enable this feature through “Create Contacts individually with Action by Visitor parameter (Use for Double Opt-in)”

When enabled, SyncApps will trigger Constant Contact Action by Visitor features like Double opt-in upon creating new Contacts. However, the sync process will take a longer time to complete due to the usage of this feature.

Double opt-in

Email or call our 24/7 Support Team now to enable this feature for you.


Freshdesk with NetSuite Category Field

Need your integration between NetSuite and Freshdesk to be even more seamless? We’ve got you covered:

“Expose any Custom Field created on Freshdesk Ticket for mapping in Step 4 of Sync Profile”
Freshdesk with NetSuite Category Field

These fields are required to create a Customer record from the Freshdesk user which is automatic once you have named the Main NetSuite Subsidiary in Step 1.

Freshdesk with NetSuite Category Field

Our Major Features explained:

  • Sync Freshdesk Users to NetSuite Contacts
  • Sync NetSuite Customers to Freshdesk users
  • Add or Update Contact details in Freshdesk with NetSuite Contact

No idea How Field Mapping Works? Check out this video link here.


Two-Way List Sync for Checkbox Field Segmentation

This feature will allow you to add new Contacts from your Constant Contact List to the connecting Salesforce Campaign that’s already syncing to your Constant Contact List.

We’ve added this new feature to make your experience even easier to customize. We know that automation has its limitations and sometimes you just want to be able to mix and match records to reflect your marketing style. You can now do that in one of our most popular integrations: Constant Contact for Salesforce.

Two-Way List Sync for Checkbox Field Segmentation

It’s super easy to use: go to the Contact in Constant Contact you want to work with, select list preference, and will be reflected therein Salesforce Checkboxes. That’s it!


Australian Data Center Support for Zoho CRM

Are you getting this error: Invalid Client error message from Zoho, when trying to create a Sync Profile? It’s quite a frequent one, so we’ve been trying to fix it for a while. Zoho is becoming increasingly popular in Australia thanks to their local data centers.

We’re proud to announce that Australian subscribers and their business data are now safely passing through the SyncApps 256bit SSL in their own Australian data center.

Australian Data Center

Select default Campaign Status for Zoho CRM

This feature will enable you to select the default status of the Campaign when it’s created in Zoho CRM. Why bother?

Because this means neater records, which makes it easier for you to browse through campaigns and get the relevant records fast!

I know most of us are accustomed to thinking that email marketing is nearly free. But things aren’t as simple. According to our partners at Constant Contact, an email campaign can cost anything between $500 and $25,000, so don’t take it in stride!

Your CRM holds a lot of records, but we advise you to take your email records seriously too. With this new feature, you’ve got even more control over them and you can easily track the ROI of every campaign.

Select default Campaign Status for Zoho CRM

Update NetSuite subscriptions on newly created records from your Marketing Automation platform

What happens when a new record is created in your marketing automation solution? Well, a lot of things can happen, depending on the flow that you’ve set.

Most often, it’s either the marketing department getting all giddy because they have a new subscriber to nurture or the sales department rolling their sleeves to contact a new prospect.

The bidirectional integration offers you one extra asset for both marketing and sales: speed. As soon as a new record is created, you’ll see it in both NetSuite and your marketing automation platform. Your sales reps can easily follow up for a sell, an upsell, or a cross-sell.

This is especially important since time is of the essence: you want to show your prospects that you have seen their interest in your product or service and that their business is important to you.

Instead of waiting for the marketing department to update the lead list, this will now be done automatically for a seamless flow and better collaboration between the two departments. You can read more about leveraging NetSuite and marketing automation here.

Update NetSuite subscriptions on newly created records from your Marketing Automation platform


“Reset Sync Profile daily” feature really brings to life the daily data you are syncing

What is Reset Sync, you ask? It’s a process where, if you want to re-sync your data at any time and during the next sync process, all your data between your software will sync. Once you have made any updates to your Sync Profile, you must do this step again so that the new changes will be applied in the next sync.

Reset Sync Profile daily

In other words, this feature will re-synced your CRM records every day.

Note: This may cause lots of API calls.

However, we recommend you use it as often as possible. Glitches happen, and Reset Sync is the best way to make sure that all your records are perfectly synced. Don’t worry — it’s just a click, it won’t take too much of your time.


Remove inactive records from your Constant Contact account automatically

If a Contact, a Lead, or an Account is made inactive in your CRM (Salesforce of Dynamics 365) SyncApps will remove the email address from Constant Contact.

Why do you need this? To avoid falling for vanity metrics. If your list has 10,000 contacts but only 5,000 of them are active, then you have a 5,000 contacts list.

With automatic cleanup, all your metrics (open rate, click rate, purchases) will be more accurate and you’ll be able to better track what works and what doesn’t.

By the way, did you know that this feature alone will save you 13 days a year? That’s how long it takes to clean up your contact list manually.

One last thing here: thinking about looking for this feature in other iPaaS solutions? Don’t bother! SyncApps is the only integration solutions provider that offers it!

(Yes, I know, this sounds a bit arrogant — but I think we’ve earned it!)

Remove inactive records from your Constant Contact account automatically

Person account creation feature from Mailchimp and Constant Contact to Salesforce

If this option is checked when a Lead is converted to a Contact, the Lead email address will be removed from Constant Contact by SyncApps.

Our eCommerce subscribers simply raved about this new feature. Why? Because it takes personalization to the next level.

You see, account types in Salesforce can be a bit confusing, but if you really dig deep into them, you’ll see that it’s important to leverage each of them.

Need to track individuals for B2C eCommerce or similar using integration for Salesforce? You’ve got it! With our new feature, you get enhanced tracking on every type of Salesforce account. Learn more about how this works.

Lead to Person Accounts
Bonus: How do I sync Salesforce Person Accounts to my Marketing Automation solution

Mailchimp eCommerce for NetSuite Facelift

Last, but not least, have you taken a good look at how the new Mailchimp for NetSuite dashboard looks like? If not, we think you’ll be impressed.

What prompted this change?

Well, let’s just say it was one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic. Starting with 2020, eCommerce grew in leaps and bounds and the demand for eCommerce automation solutions grew along with it.

So our facelift is a visual welcome note to all our new subscribers who went digital because their brick-and-mortar shop suffered during the lockdown. We’ve made things even more user-friendly. Now, the platform is super easy to use, even by people with very little experience with digital products.

NetSuite for Mailchimp

Check out this Blog for more information: How eCommerce Thrives during the Pandemic and After it: Mailchimp for NetSuite Guide

That’s all for the last quarter. As always, if you have any suggestions for us, we’re happy to discuss them, so leave us a message anytime. Your feature or integration request might appear in the next quarter’s round-up!

In the meantime, if you haven’t tested SyncApps yet, there is no better time than the present. Sign up for FREE, we won’t even ask for your credit card number, so what have you got to lose?

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