Working Remotely: Cazoomi is Bringing the Office anytime, Anywhere

  • February 18, 2018|
  • 3 minute read

You all know that companies usually always have offices.  It is where the employees stay for work right? Employees in such offices often have the fixed working hours from 8 am till 5 pm Mondays to Fridays and where the motto is “too busy” so must work some weekends too.  Not to mention the strict management where employees are mandated to adapt with little to no considerations on the onboarding process into a company’s culture or workplace.

Well, here at SyncApps, we are working remotely.  We have our motto: “Work anywhere.”  Literally, we can work anywhere we want!  We have flexible working hours, and now we are a growing remote team.  No matter where we go, whatever time it is, and whenever we have personal errands to do, that’s never an issue because we are the office.

We are the Office? What do we mean by that?

Simple, we do not have a single location for our corporate office.  Instead, we all have laptops and mobile phones running the software we use for our business that is always within our reach whether at our apartments, Starbucks, the beach or in the city!  Since remote teams are now on the rise in the Philippines and throughout Asia, here at Cazoomi, we aim to maintain a strong team and work culture tied to the idea of #WorkAnywhere.

We are all working remotely here at Cazoomi, and it’s fun and exciting because we can work and enjoy time with our colleagues, partners, clients, friends, and family, as long as we have internet, which is becoming ubiquitous in cities and the countryside here in the Philippines.

“As one of the Customer Success Team members at Cazoomi, I can work with support cases, call or chat with clients & partners, email, write knowledge base articles and manage my calendar or Basecamp anytime and anywhere.  This gives me the flexibility I want to have more time with my family and kids while working.”

Customer Success Manager

Advantages of working remotely:

  • No Office space lease costs and other fees which can add up to huge savings for the company for our future expenses for the team;
  • There’s less pressure on your psyche since you can choose a working time where you are most productive.  At Cazoomi, we cover our subscribers 24/7 with 15+ team members today;
  • Team meetings!  What’s that…being late is not a problem anymore as you can work whenever you want as long as you want so that you’ll meet the team and individual deadlines.  Our remote team meetings last 10 minutes at Cazoomi;
  • Become more proactive each and every day with all your tasks;
  • Have more personal control over your schedule and work environment:
  • Forget about commuting time, fuel costs and finding food that you can afford!  It’s remote work and food is covered;
  • It’s easy to meet your personal obligations and responsibilities to your family and more;
  • Lastly, who doesn’t want to be their own boss?


Meeting at our newest Office!

Last January, our team brought on our newest Java rockstar who hails from Cebu, Philippines. This means that we have our newest and first remote worker outside Cagayan de Oro, Philippines!

Our ROCKSTAR support folks, John and Syd, went to Cebu this month to warmly welcome the newest member of the Cazoomi family.  Meet Dax, our newest Dev rockstar!

An additional member of the family means a more fun and exciting work environment as we grow our team to meet subscriber demands!

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