CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is used by companies to uphold every aspect of client communication. It is a set of technologies, practices, and strategies that manage customer data and interactions. CRM’s primary aim is to boost business relationships with customers and maximize on business welfare. Over the years, the use of CRM software and…..

Salesforce is revolutionizing how organizations do business today. There’s no denying this. It helps them understand what their customers want and how best to give it to them. Salesforce is a great tool to help keep customers satisfied. But are you getting enough value for data received from Salesforce? By using Salesforce at full capacity,…..

As an online store owner, it is a must to track all your sales and orders to provide optimum service to your clients. As well as to help your marketing and sales team engage to your clients and prospects to boost up your revenue! Most business owners use business applications. These applications hold business information,…..

Every organization wants to cut operational cost while still making profits. Nothing new here, right? Right! It is the very definition of any business. However, there are always new, out-of-the-box ways to reduce costs without affecting efficiency. And technology is responsible for a lot of them. Today, we’re talking about integration tools and how they…..

Live chat. The best thing that has happened to many businesses since sliced bread. Why? Before live chat, in order to get any sort of feedback from customers, businesses used to solely rely on letters that came via snail mail or hurriedly handwritten notes stuffed inside a sealed suggestion box. Some came through email while…..

No sales, no business. We all know that. This is why we place so much importance on our sales department and sales tools. However, the times when the future of a company would lie in the hands of a few people with great conversational skills are over. We’re not saying that you should fire your…..

Strategically using business data thru data integration solution helps businesses operate efficiently. Marketing teams, for instance, would better understand the success of a particular campaign by getting a clearer vision towards customers’ buying journey thru integrated data from their marketing automation solutions to their CRMs. What business owners are looking for are integrated solutions that…..

A quick search on email marketing and mailing services reveals that your email readers must engage with your newsletters. If you want your campaigns to have any results, of course. On the surface, the number of engagement and clicks shows the actual feelings that an email is sparking on the reader’s end. So what makes…..

Zoho CRM Potentials Zoho CRM Potentials or also known as Deals refer to the number of sales opportunities or deals made from your CRM Contacts. These are considered the sales windows that you need to keep an eye for. In any sales organization, Potentials are the most important records to generate real revenue for your…..

Data management is crucial for every business whether small or big. Aside from legal issues that can appear from mishandling data, business information can be used to set profitable priorities. Luckily, technology can save the day (if used properly, of course). If you are running a small company, it’s worth noting that its growth requires…..