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TopLine Results is a CRM consulting firm, based in Wisconsin. They help their clients close the loop between sales, marketing, and customer services by helping them choose and implement the right CRM.


TopLine Results is a CRM consulting firm, based in Wisconsin. They help their clients close the loop between sales, marketing, and customer services by helping them choose and implement the right CRM.

Their “tools of the trade” are Microsoft Dynamics 365, Constant Contact, Act!, Zoho, and, of course, Salesforce. As you can see just by reading these names, the solutions they’ve chosen are perfect to help any company streamline its mission-critical department workflows. Their success and knowledge are obvious when you think about the fact that they have been in this business for more than 20 years, since 1999.


In our previous subscriber stories, we’ve talked a lot about companies that have huge email databases and that need help with managing and leveraging them properly. That’s one type of challenge.

A whole other type of challenge is running a CRM consulting business whose main purpose is to help other companies manage their databases. TopLine Results’ entire business relies on streamlining marketing, sales, and customer support.

Given the growing interest in this type of service, it’s a perfect business to be in. But only if you have the proper tools for that streamlining, especially if you run three different business lines:

  • CRM Technical
  • Process Consulting
  • Digital Marketing


Every player in the digital marketing industry knows A LOT about CRM and marketing automation workflows. But very few people know as much as TopLine Results.

This is their bread and butter. And, as their business grew, they needed solutions that grew along with them.

Luckily, TopLine Results knew from the very beginning that manual database migration and management is a no-go. But they still needed an all-encompassing solution that meets two very important criteria:

  • Allows them to connect all the solutions they are using for themselves and for their clients
  • Can support A LOT of profiles with different configurations for different clients.


TopLine Results has been using SyncApps for 8 years. We’re proud to have been chosen by experts in the field and even prouder to help them grow their consulting agency. We’ve done this by helping their clients integrate any CRM they use so that they can automate data integration to some of the top marketing automation software on the market today.

Our Enterprise plans are designed for businesses just like TopLine Results: experienced digital experts who use hundreds of clients per plan and for whom our consulting services make a real difference. All our Enterprise subscribers benefit from personalized consulting with our top integration experts and even from features that are specifically created for them, from scratch.

In other words, TopLine Results is able to create customized integrations that can be molded to meet any goal they or their clients might need to meet. This is the future of marketing: seamless integration coupled with in-depth personalization. For some, it’s the present already.

Here are some of the integrations TopLine Results uses frequently:

Constant Contact for Dynamics 365
Constant Contact for Dynamics 365

  • Sync campaigns and campaign responses from Constant Contact to Dynamics CRM.
  • Top feature used: create the Dynamics 365 Campaign and also populate the description field in Dynamics 365 Campaign Response with the campaign metrics from Constant Contact. They can now gain insight into their Dynamics 365 Campaigns by easily finding what URLs are clicked by prospective customers.

Mailchimp and Constant Contact for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

  • TopLine syncs its marketing automation’s tool metrics to Zoho CRM. You can read more about how this works here.
  • They can automatically update Zoho CRM using Mailchimp contact update forms. No need to do any back and forth if a client unsubscribes or changes the list they are subscribed to.
  • Remove the record from a Mailchimp Lead Audience if a lead is converted to a contact in Zoho CRM. This is an excellent way to track results and to make sure you change the type of marketing messages you send as soon as a lead turns into a customer.

Constant Constant for Salesforce

  • TopLine Results uses a very powerful feature in our integration: “Create Salesforce Campaign + Activity”. This feature helps their clients see what URLs were clicked directly from Salesforce, for the campaign response sync mode.
  • Salesforce Custom Checkbox to Constant Contact List segmentation feature.
  • TopLine wanted to sync Contacts from Constant Contacts and sync additional records using Salesforce Checkbox. You can read more about this feature here: CRM Checkboxes to Constant Contact Lists

Key Outcomes

  • Steady growth of the agency for 8+ years. The ability to streamline processes means that you can take on more clients without a big overhead and without a big staff.
  • Various customized features that helped TopLine Results take their marketing to a whole new level and open up new cashflow sources for their customers.
  • Manual work and manual data migration reduced to zero — more time to focus on strategy and growth.
  • TopLine Results has access to new features in the CRMs they and their clients use as soon as they are released since SyncApps by Cazoomi is a trusted integration partner of most of the solution creators.

Salesforce Guide

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