QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM

Adding QuoteWerks to your Zoho CRM system? Get Enterprise quoting capability for Small Business to help you effectively close sales.

Sync customer and contacts in Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks.
Drive your QuoteWerks estimates from Zoho customer lists.
Sync Quotes from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM.
Supports QuoteWerks for Access and SQL Server versions.
Never have to manually export your data again!
Extend the power of Zoho - Quote to Cash integrated!!

Keep track of your business by syncing contacts and quotes with Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks

  • Track the progress of total quotes transferred from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM
  • Track the progress of total contacts transferred from Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks
  • Remapping option of contacts and quotes available too
  • Zoho CRM contact and customer details synced to QuoteWerks
  • Never have to manually true up your customer & quote data again!

QuoteWerks and Cazoomi deliver a new way to sync your QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM for optimal quoting!

We provide a fully integrated solution for QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM. Our solution can be easily customized on your request. You'll be able to track your clients and business easily on QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM by using SyncApps.

Give your small business an edge with QuoteWerks.

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