Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Handshake to NetSuite and Xero

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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Handshake to NetSuite and Xero

Our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series last week where we teamed up with Stephanie King from Redpath has been hugely successful. Replay how one of Redpath’s Certified Salesforce Consultant set up their client’s for their Salesforce to MailChimp successful integration using SyncApps here.

For this week, we have invited another SyncApps Partner, Margo Glover, a Customer Success Onboarding Specialist from Handshake. In this webinar, we demonstrated how you can easily set-up your Handshake to NetSuite and Handshake to Xero integration with SyncApps.

SyncApps’ Handshake Integrations

Handshake, founded in 2012, is a B2B eCommerce platform that brings manufacturers and distributors closer to their customers – both in person and online.

SyncApps keep up with the latest trends in the B2B industry. In line with this, we have 3 available integrations with Handshake: NetSuite, Xero, and JCurve.

Major Features

Be sure to check with Margo and the Handshake team for a free consultation on your Handshake integration with SyncApps.

Handshake to NetSuite Integration

Handshake to Xero Integration

Thanks again for checking in & hope you can join us LIVE next time. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog to get all our updates for your thriving business. 

The SyncApps Software Team

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