Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: SyncApps Add-Ons

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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: SyncApps Add-Ons

SyncApps Add-Ons

Adding a feature to your Free integration plan for Constant Contact or our paid plans, can make your integration tasks easier and super simple.

For only $9.99 per Add-On, you customize your integration depending on your needs with SyncApps!

Major Add-Ons

Campaign Response Sync

With this Add-On, you can sync an unlimited number of Email Marketing Campaign Metrics such as Opens, Clicks, and Bounces back to your CRM from any of our supported Marketing Automation solutions.

Relive our previous Walkthrough Wednesdays Series for integrating Campaign Responses from Constant Contact to Salesforce in our blog or video!

Filtering and Segmentation

Our most powerful feature, Filter and Segmentation, is useful if using a specific criteria to filter and match your CRM records within a segment.

Custom Field Mapping

SyncApps maps default fields such as email address, name, company, and address. If wanting to sync additional fields, enable mapping unlimited Custom Fields between your software applications.

Watch out for a brand new Walkthrough Wednesdays Series next week where we will be focusing on Custom Field Mapping!

We hope to see you all again next time.

The SyncApps Software Team

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