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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Automation

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) automation reduces staff workload, saves time and boosts donation efficiency.

Integrate the Industry you are in today without IT knowledge and without spending a fortune!
Have your Sales, Marketing, Support, and Finance team all on the same page. Use eCommerce too? We integrate the software your entire team uses today, bidirectionally.
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Find Integrations 250+ Prebuilt automations to power your business saving both time and money for your teams.
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Save Time The average business wastes 2 hours per week on manual data entry between different systems and various issues. Can your business afford it? Focus on your business and let SyncApps do the rest.
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Sync Unlimited Data With SyncApps you can seamlessly integrate unlimited data between your CRM, financial, marketing, eCommerce, support, and other mission-critical applications in minutes not months.
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Budget Friendly When you use your CRM, Excel, or other tools separately from your automated email marketing or financial data, you’ve probably wasted over 13 days each year in manual efforts.
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