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Integration Platform as a Service SUCKS. So We Fixed it.

Remember when iPaaS or integration used to be a perk for the uber-rich companies? Only Fortune 500s could afford to pay a team to develop custom integrations for their solutions.

In 2009, we set out to change that and democratize integration and access to data. We knew it could be affordable to everyone, no matter how small their budget and how tiny or technically challenged their team.

Did We Create an iPaaS Monster in the Process?

We ruffled some feathers when we made integration available to small companies. All of a sudden, they had this big advantage that only big players had leveraged thus far, PLUS the agility large corporations lacked.

As the industry came to terms with the fact that they could no longer overcharge for a service that was not that expensive to deliver, they made the best out of this situation. By that, I mean the best for them, not for YOU, the users.

If integration had to be affordable, it meant that support was ruthlessly cut or charged for (yeah, that happened!), the service itself was buggy and cumbersome, new features were added rarely, and more.

You were pretty much alone with a platform that barely worked. You paid less, sure, but very few companies had the in-house technical knowledge to leverage these deeply flawed integration platforms fully.

To add insult to injury, the free integrations offered by Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact pushed the prices even lower—at least for a while, until the users realized that a free integration is as useful as a dustpan in the desert.

Since integration is NOT something Salesforce, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact monetizes, they have no interest in developing them or making them into truly useful products. It’s just a complimentary product they offer their users who pay for a different solution.

Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact are not to blame here. The iPaaS companies that decided to compete on price with a free(!) product are. 

They stripped their paid solution to either bare bones for the first pricing tier or to unnecessary complex features for the premium tiers.

At SyncApps, we disagree with this model. Instead, we believe that:

Affordable Integration ≠ Cheap Integration

Yes, I promise you that you can have:

…all without paying an arm and a leg.

25,000+ subscribers trust SyncApps precisely because we do things differently.

Sounds too Good to Be True? Excellent, Please Be Skeptical of Everything You Read Online

You know we’re running a business, not a nonprofit. So you’d be right to ask yourself why on Earth are we doing this? What’s in it for us?

Revenue, of course!

Listen, we’ve been in this business for 15+ years. We tried everything: a 100% free tier, cold outreach, media outreach, ads on countless platforms, partnerships, and a few hundred other things.

Some of them worked, and some of them fell flat.

At the end of the day, there’s ONE thing that always worked like a charm: giving our clients what THEY want, nothing more, nothing less. That’s the lynchpin, not a different color on our pricing page or better sales emails.

No needless features just to bump up the price and no cutting support down so we can gaslight you into believing it’s super easy to do everything on your own — and if it’s not, it’s your problem.

Whenever you have an integration-related problem, it’s OUR problem. We’re in this together.

Because if you don’t make revenue using our platform, neither do we.

Speaking of revenue,

Writing Your Own API Code to Integrate Salesforce or NetSuite with Email Platforms Is Untenable for most SMEs

Not to mention nonprofits. Can you imagine paying for a full-time in-house software development team? Plus, long-term maintenance and updates every time Salesforce, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp changes something in their code (roughly 30+ times per year)?

With most integration solutions out there being either too expensive or downright unusable if you’re not a tech wiz yourself, SyncApps gives you the best of both worlds: affordable integration without having to write a single line of code.

→ Quick win: you start leveraging integration in minutes, not months, on a shoestring budget.

→ Long-term win: you never have to worry about maintenance or updating the integration to reflect new features in the solutions you use. We’ve got that handled.

→ Bonus win: nonprofits get 25% off yearly plans. It’s our way of supporting those who work to create a better society for all.

Siloed Client Data Makes it Impossible to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Clients

Some of your data is in Salesforce, another important chunk can be found in Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign.

How many spreadsheets and CRM lookups can you handle before you decide to rage quit and make assumptions about what your clients need?

With the right integration in place, you get a 360-degree view of your client’s entire journey.

→ Quick win: you know exactly whom to call NOW and who needs more nurturing.

→ Long-term win: you have access to historical data and can pull reports from all your campaigns. You will start to notice patterns emerge: what worked and what didn’t, which are your best clients, when is the best time to contact them, and more.

Spreadsheets Kill Your Productivity and Block Collaboration

Even if you use a cloud-hosted spreadsheet, it’s still cumbersome to access it and add data to it. And, be honest, how many of your teammates remember to update the damn spreadsheet every time there is new client information?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s menial work, and no one wants to do that.

Picture this: a lead opens an email you sent via Mailchimp and clicks on your offer link but they don’t buy. You’d have to manually update the spreadsheet to reflect their interest OR call OR email your sales colleague to let them know that the lead could benefit from a call.

It’s not 2005, we can do better.

With Salesforce and Mailchimp, for instance, this information is instantly visible to everyone in sales and marketing.

→ Quick win: you don’t miss any chances to convert or nurture leads who are ready to move to the next step in their journey.

→ Long-term win: your sales and marketing teams work as a well-oiled cash printing machine instead of being at each other’s throats for inaccurate or delayed data.

Reporting Takes Ages…And No One Reads 128 Slides Anyway

I know, you need accountability, and you need to prove that what you do works. So you spend ages creating a comprehensive report that covers ALL the bases, just to realize that no one in the C-level suite bothers to read anything but the conclusion.

Death by PowerPoint is real and a fate everyone tries to avoid!

On the other hand, people in marketing and sales need to see all those intermediary numbers to know what to tweak in the next campaign or sales call.

Frustrating, right? You spend all that time pulling data from across platforms and reconciling the data points to each other, only for no one to read it.

What if you could create reports that are tailor-made to everyone’s needs with a single click and zero frustration?

In your SyncApps dashboard, you can choose which metrics to add to your report and which to forego — you know, so that everyone gets digestible and usable reports.

Better yet, anyone can access the data whenever they want, and they don’t need to wait for you to finish the quarterly slide deck.

→ Quick win: no more reconciling Salesforce data with Mailchimp data or NetSuite reports with Constant Contact numbers. Build cross-platform reports with a single click and no Canva or Photoshop.

→ Long-term win: less time spent on what automation can handle without human errors. Spend that time taking a long break, strategizing, or doing an ad-hoc team-building exercise where you all delete the PowerPoint shortcut from your desktop. You don’t need it anymore!

Assumptions Are the Death of Successful Marketing Campaigns

You assume you know what your clients need.

You assume you know exactly which leads are ready to move to the next stage of their journey.

You assume you found the right email frequency for optimal results without annoying your contacts.

If you rely on spreadsheets and siloed data, assumption is the best thing you can do. How about we remove the guesswork and rely on actual client insights instead?

Your SyncApps dashboard shows you exactly who’s ready to convert, who needs more nurturing, and who will never convert. You’ll also know when the right time to contact them is and what their preferred means of communication is.

→ Quick win: you stop throwing spaghetti at the wall. After a couple of campaigns, the cross-platform data will tell you exactly where to focus your efforts for optimal results.

→ Long-term win: you save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by nixing the tactics and the channels that never work for you.

SyncApps Is Not Perfect. It Will Probably Never Be

But we’re constantly working on making it better for you.

We don’t have all the answers. What we do have is a constant open dialogue with you, our subscribers, to help us improve every month.

This is why we’re constantly releasing new features or updating existing ones. Because you told us it’s what you need.

There’s one thing we can say for sure: all those benefits and outcomes above? They’re real! We have thousands of subscriber stories that explain how SyncApps transformed their business without ruining their budget.

Will you join us in making SyncApps a better platform every day and challenging the iPaaS industry along the way?

Stay tuned.

SyncApps Founder of an integration and automation platform for businesses, nonprofits and institutions.
Clint Wilson Founder & CEO [email protected]

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