What we’re building at SyncApps

Follow along as we build things that will hopefully make your life easier.

  1. Salesforce Checkbox Field Segmentation to Mailchimp Tags

    Over the years, we've thrown in a bunch of cool new stuff. So, syncing records from Salesforce to Mailchimp Tags with Checkbox fields? That's a neat trick to step up your email game. Check it out and see how it can jazz up your target marketing!

  2. Facebook Lead Ads to Salesforce

    Enhance lead flows to assist sales teams in maximizing their time, enabling them to secure more deals swiftly through the integration of Facebook Lead Ads data with Salesforce.

  3. Do not create a new record if the email address already exists in the Salesforce record

    We have implemented the ability to verify additional email fields on the Salesforce record, leads or contacts, prior to creating a new record from Mailchimp. We think you'll love it.

  4. Salesforce Integration User License

    Enhance your Salesforce operational control and traceability with Salesforce SyncApps, cutting costs and boosting auditability in integrations, utilizing Salesforce Integration User Licenses.

  5. Salesforce Opportunities

    Our latest feature will assist you in monitoring your leads' stage, deal size, and communicating more effectively with them using Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other platforms. Rather than transferring opportunity data between Salesforce manually, you can now automate this process.

  6. Preventing Duplicates in Salesforce With SyncApps

    Prevent duplicates in Salesforce coming from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others by checking each individual email on the record before creating a record or syncing back marketing metrics to that specific record.

  7. Retrieving Opens, Clicks and Bounces

    Better align marketing and sales from your Campaigns by tracking Opens, Clicks, and Bounces back to Salesforce.

  8. Pausing Your Integrations

    Ever wanted to just pause your integration while you ask a team member about a setting? Now you can with our Pause feature. Try it out.

  9. Utilizing Mailchimp’s Geolocation Within Salesforce

    Gain insights into your Mailchimp subscriber's geolocation to better understand how they utilize your product, service, or engagements. Map this Mailchimp Field now to Salesforce and see how it works!

  10. Track Total Records Unsubscribed From Each Campaign

    Track the total number of unsubscribed records for each marketing campaign to gain deeper insights into your subscribers.

  11. Boost your sales and increase conversions by effectively converting your abandoned carts

    Capturing data from abandoned carts in your marketing automation solution presents an opportunity to re-engage customers. Discover how this process benefits NetSuite eCommerce and Mailchimp users today.

  12. Salesforce formula fields in field mapping of SyncApps used right along with standard fields

    Using Formula fields in Salesforce allows for the calculation and display of values based on other fields or values. Check out how SyncApps works with them today.

  13. Clean up your marketing data with Full Sync

    Now, it is easier to remove records that no longer meet your segmentation criteria in Salesforce or NetSuite from your marketing system.

  14. Unarchive Mailchimp records based on Segmentation

    Unarchive records in Mailchimp based on Salesforce Segmentation rules to completely automate the Salesforce to Mailchimp integration loop.

  15. Validating emails in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

    Keep your Salesforce NPSP free of duplicate entries from Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and others.

  16. Open Rate and Click Rate from Mailchimp

    Introducing our latest feature for Salesforce - Mailchimp tracking. This feature allows you to monitor Open and Click Rate, providing valuable insights into your subscribers' interaction with your subject lines and campaign content.

  17. Field Mapping Arrow Guidance

    A cool new feature in Field Mapping to help guide you on which way you are mapping new fields since not all fields are bidirectional.

  18. Invoice History

    Get the last 2 years of invoices straight from your SyncApps dashboard. Easier now to get those receipts for your accounting team or CPA.

  19. Webhooks

    No one wants to be guessing when Mailchimp, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign Webhooks data has landed in your CRM. Webhooks to the rescue.

  20. Migrating Records

    Chose the integration start date for your next project. Migrating records the way you want just got easier.

  21. Changing Integration Name

    Editing your integration name in SyncApps can be tedious. Try out the quick action integration name editing feature. We think you’ll like it.

  22. Custom Unsubscribes

    Manage unsubscribes bidirectionally by overriding the opt-out field in Mailchimp, assigning it to your Salesforce custom opt-out field in all plans.

  23. Resubscribe

    Managing relationships with your constituents is hard enough. Managing resubscribes is even harder. Improve your efficiency of donations with our new resubscribe feature.

  24. Filtering Duplicates

    Have duplicate email addresses in Salesforce? Filter them today when syncing from Salesforce to your favorite marketing automation solution.

  25. Streamlined reports

    Reporting now tracks processed, updated, opted-out, bounced, filtered, and more in simplified new reports layout.

Connect your marketing and sales data plus much more.