With and Without

We teamed up with our customer support teams to see what our customers thought about life with and without SyncApps. It was a blast and we learned a ton.

Without SyncApps

Struggling to keep their organization's data and workflow in sync, our customers were importing and exporting data multiple times per day, using spreadsheets to manage customer and ecommerce lists and literally screaming for a solution that just let them answer some questions about what they need and have it work the way they wanted.

Did those processes work?

“Trying to obtain a 360 degree view of the customer in our Health Care Nonprofit field using Constant Contact and Salesforce was impossible at best using spreadsheets and lookups in CRM.

-Ann Lewis, Qsource

Importing and exporting data between multiple systems makes it hard to run a Real Estate business at scale. Without automation it is super complicated.“

-Chris Davies, RE/MAX Commercial Capital

"We used manual importing and exporting of data between Mailchimp with Dynamics 365. Took tons of effort, money, and, most importantly, time in the process.”

-Zeb A., Unicef

"Linking our disparate systems by writing your own API code to move data to Salesforce is hard and costly for a nonprofit."

-Lou Costa, QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community)

"We needed a way to make 100% sure that when we email our customers, our Salesforce users know that every time the right persons are involved in the mailings. It’s a flat-out nightmare to try to reconcile this process between sales and marketing. We also can't be spending too much money on integration tools that offer much more functionality than we need.”

-Walter Stegen, CRH

With SyncApps.

Never the same! 98% approval rating from customers that switched to SyncApps from manual processes. 93% reported better performance and reliablity processes within their teams using the platform. 83% relayed that switching to real-time integration has saved them time and money in both the short and long run.

“Quick and easy setup, great features and price. Setup SyncApps between Salesforce, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Eventbrite. Existing free integrations for these barely work, Cazoomi actually syncs as you would hope and expect. Note, Cazoomi does not add features mailers fall flat on (seeing customers as more than an email address), user-friendly list management but Cazoomi will save thousands of dollars getting you closer to the dream.“

-Bill Florio, New Leaders Org

“Makes it easy to update and create a field on the campaign member page in Salesforce for Constant Contact. Very responsive and helped solve my problem right away. "

-Elena Murray, DermaConcepts / Environ® Skin Care

“We needed to update the Zendesk ticket with NetSuite ID to indicate the ticket was successfully created in NetSuite and Cazoomi was able to quickly weave this into our Enterprise plan by the following week.

-Dikla Zilberberg, SodaStream (PepsiCo)

“Integrating the Language field from Mailchimp to Salesforce for our marketing works great!

-Jay Corriveau, The Vines of Mendoza

“It's been really helpful to have the Cazoomi support team answering our questions and helping us troubleshoot ActiveCampaign and NetSuite automation during the setup phase. We've worked with a few other companies who wouldn't dedicate the time or effort and we really appreciate the dedicated support we've gotten from SyncApps."

-Jesse W. Johnson, Meeting Tomorrow

“We had been looking for a solution to capture and use an alternate email address for certain government officials, and Cazoomi provided a simple way to accomplish that. Very much appreciated!”

-Carl Radunsky, Kaiser Permanente

“Great Solution, Excellent Support, Super Fast Support, Allows us to integrate systems that don't otherwise talk to each other. Integrating Marketing & CRM systems.Increased quality of communications, speed & efficiency of our email marketing systems."

-Ben Irvine, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

“Looks like it runs flawlessly, Thank you all for your help getting our Salesforce Accounts to Klaviyo and our leads from Klaviyo to Salesforce in realtime.

-Brandon W., Paragon Stairs

“We had an error on our custom fields retrieval for Mailchimp for Salesforce and I love the fact that they resolve issues quickly and effectively. 24/7!”

-David Somekh, SolidCAM

“Success! The one way sync worked great - created new contacts in Salesforce and updated the opt outs. Your team's support and guidance has been terrific!

-Cecily Medved, CoGenerate.org

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