Mailchimp For Salesforce (MC4SF On AppExchange) vs SyncApps

On SyncApps, you have:

  • Bidirectional integration of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, unsubscribes, fields, and even Person Accounts
  • Salesforce sandbox supported
  • Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is 100% supported (Hi, nonprofits 👋, we also have a 25% discount for you!)
  • Campaign metrics are yours in Salesforce to keep if you ever decide to leave Mailchimp
  • No setup configuration is needed -- all plug-and-play

Need more reasons to switch to SyncApps? Keep scrolling!

easy to use syncapps

Easy to Use

You’ve got nothing to install in Salesforce. You don’t need to manage Salesforce updates like you do with MC4SF. Everything is pre-set for you, and updates happen automatically without any data glitches. SyncApps uses the API of both Salesforce and Mailchimp, so you no longer need to waste time on manual updates. Bonus: You can also set up and use multiple Salesforce or Mailchimp instances on the same SyncApps Account!

Clean Data Syncing

Tired of removing Tags and Groups in Mailchimp to match your Salesforce records? We get it, it’s so 2000s. With SyncApps, you get automatic removal of Tags and Groups from records in Mailchimp when removed from the record in Salesforce.
easy to use syncapps
easy to use syncapps

Custom Field Mapping for No-Bounds Creativity

Tired of creating campaigns that need to fit a pre-set box? You’ll love SyncApps Custom Field Mapping. By the way, it’s a bidirectional one. Plus, any landing page updates will be reflected in Salesforce automatically. Of course, you also have hard bounce field mapping as well as standard or custom Opt-Out choices.

Flexibility and NO Learning Curve

We use the Salesforce features and objects you are used to, so your team does not have to learn anything new. Plus, you can connect your Salesforce account to dozens of other solutions. Start for FREE, choose your own package, and quit any time without losing your valuable data.
easy to use syncapps
easy to use syncapps

Reports you need for your Marketing team and Sales team

Bring back Mailchimp metrics the way you like to Salesforce as Notes, Campaigns, Activities, and more. Create custom-made reports that focus on the metrics you need to create data-driven campaigns and messages and ignore the rest. With SyncApps, the world of sales and marketing is your oyster!

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