How Live Chat Support Can Skyrocket Your Sales

  • November 02, 2018|
  • 4 minute read
how live chat support can skyrocket your sales

Live chat. The best thing that has happened to many businesses since sliced bread.

Why? Before live chat, in order to get any sort of feedback from customers, businesses used to solely rely on letters that came via snail mail or hurriedly handwritten notes stuffed inside a sealed suggestion box.

Some came through email while very few were received via phone calls.

Then came live chat. A game changer in its own right.

You see, live chat created a platform for businesses to engage with their clients directly and instantly. The response from the support team is immediate.

Live chat flipped the script. Customers are now more empowered. They can make as many inquiries as they want and get instant feedback. This makes the customer feel appreciated and in control of the purchase process.

However, jumping onto the live chat bandwagon alone doesn’t translate into sales. You need to integrate live chat into your overall online marketing strategy for it to make any meaningful impact.

Many companies have realized this and are now using live chat to find new leads and subsequently increase their sales.

Research indicates that live chat support can increase your sales by 30 percent. Cazoomi not only offers a Salesforce to Constant Contact sync but also ensures that you can access its live chat support team round the clock.

There are several ways through which you can boost your sales using live chat support:

Help Customers Create a Personal Connection with Your Business

Most consumers will visit your website then hit the close button after a few clicks and scrolls.

There are a number of valid reasons for this, but that’s a story for another day.

Seeing online users visit your site and end up not buying anything can be frustrating for a business. One good reason could be that the customer didn’t feel welcome to the site. There was no one to usher them in and show them around. This is something that can be easily fixed with live chat functionality.

A live support team working round the clock ensures that there is always someone on standby to answer any questions that might facilitate sales.

Turn Leads into Conversions

Potential clients are often not sure what they want from your website during their first visit. They will spend time trying to acquire information about your company before committing to do business with you.

Live chat support can help turn these leads to conversions. Cazoomi has a Zoho CRM to Constant Contact sync option. One of its many features is workflow trigger on lead creation. Such platforms allow your support team to ask your potential clients what they are looking for and to provide product awareness. This type of engagement can lead to a sale.

Live Chat to Email Integration

A company might have a live chat option but its team is not available to supervise and respond 24/7. Integrating the mail and live chat software will help you keep track of the clients that visited your site.

You can access their details and reach out to invite them over to the site again. It is a great way to show each and every visitor that they mean something to you and that you are ready to pay attention to what they need.

Provide Optimization Priorities

An article by Tony Zambito indicates the importance of buyer insights in optimization. Live chat support means immediate feedback.

A company can use the feedback to set its optimization priorities right especially in areas that need improvement. Some of the areas that would boost your optimization options include content needs, new product development feedback and primary considerations during a purchase. These insights can also motivate the tech team to improve the site engagement.

Personalize Your Services

It is possible for your live chat support team to offer personalized services to clients based on their past experiences on your website. All they need is to know all the ins and outs of your products or services.

This way, they can pitch or suggest a product to a potential customer based on their past actions. The process becomes even simpler if the customer has purchased from your platform more than twice. It means that they know the basics and you can proceed to introduce new products to them.

However, do not assume that all returning customers know the basics. Make a polite inquiry before proceeding to recommend a product. Personalized services boost the confidence of the consumers towards your brand and boost overall sales.

Live chat support is more valuable when integrated with other apps. Empower your team with the right knowledge on any visitor by making the right integration. We’re here to help you make that choice!