SyncApps Enhancements with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is another one of those SyncApps integrations that garner a lion’s share of subscribers.  And recently, some very cool enhancements have been rolled out for every subscriber plan to make full use of Cazoomi SyncApps and services.  Planned enhancements have also been taken into consideration that came from subscribers’ ideas in which just weeks till they too will also be rolled out.  To mention a few of them, here are the rolled out and planned enhancements for SyncApps Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations.

Newly rolled out enhancements for SyncApps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations:

Contacts without last names can now be synced from Constant Contact to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Syncing contacts without last names from Constant Contact to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now possible.  But what made this enhancement move up our list to be rolled out?  A few SyncApps subscribers were able to bring up this concern because they were not able to sync contacts from Constant Contact to another CRM called Zoho CRM since their contacts had no last names.  See the full conversation here.

Other SyncApps integrations that now enjoy this new enhancement are Bullhorn CRM, Base CRM, Highrise, NetSuite, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.  And if you want to enable this to your SyncApps account, email Cazoomi’s ASK team ( with your Sync Profile ID or URL today.

Just remember that on Contact or Lead creation, SyncApps will use “Unknown” as last name if contact does not have it for you to be able to sync to CRM.

Add/Remove Contact from your Email Provider Lists if Contact is Added/Removed from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Lists

Deleting Contact (or Lead) in MS CRM can now be synced by removing it from List in your marketing solution.  This enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations was also brought up by a subscriber which was concerned about the idea whether if deleting a contact in CRM will remove the contact from a marketing list in their marketing solution too.  See the full conversation here.

And when this new enhancement is enabled, SyncApps will then perform a full sync periodically.  What this means daily, weekly or monthly.  And in a full sync, SyncApps will add or remove Contacts from your Email Provider List(s) if Contacts are added or removed from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing List(s).  And please do NOTE that this process is being run daily, weekly or monthly to coincide with your Sync Scheduling setting.  Get the Periodic Full Sync option turned on in your SyncApps account?  Please just email the Cazoomi ASK team at to have it in your account the same day.

Planned enhancement for SyncApps Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations:

Synced Records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM not Reflected to VerticalResponse

A SyncApps subscriber raised a topic in Cazoomi community pertaining to changing the size of her records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM that she’d like to sync to Vertical Response, and that after the sync report said that it was complete, still the original size showed in VerticalResponse view.  See the full conversation here.

So basically, the subscriber wants to know when she can expect the sync to be reflected in VerticalResponse and show the changed number of records on a specific mailing list.

And Cazoomi marked this issue as an enhancement.  But know that currently, SyncApps has our Periodic Full Sync option but only available for Constant Contact, MailChimp and Infusionsoft.  As for now, you can log into Vertical Response and remove the list members then make a resync in SyncApps for this will repopulate the list with the correct members.

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