SyncApps vs Informatica Cloud: G2 Crowd User Satisfaction Ratings

  • February 22, 2018|
  • 2 minute read

SyncApps is an integration platform that provides a centralized console for easy managing and integrating of data between all your Cloud, On-Premise, or Plug-in applications.  With our easy to use interface and data integration solutions, we excel in the Integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) category.

G2 Crowd has recently released its User Satisfaction Ratings on the iPaaS Product Comparison between two leading cloud integration software: SyncApps and Informatica Cloud.  SyncApps proudly rated as a High Performer beating our enterprise level competitor, Informatica Cloud.

Our product satisfaction ratings are calculated by G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from all review data.

SyncApps vs Informatica Cloud

SyncApps broke thru 4.2 stars to win out against Informatica Cloud’s rating of 3.7 stars.  Topping 30 out of 31 factors, this just goes to show how feature-rich SyncApps is today after 7+ years of software product releases.
SyncApps vs Informatica

System Go-Live Time

Time is money, with SyncApps we highly value your time.  We understand that adapting to a new software may take some time, but with our integration platform, going live takes less than a day.  In the comparison report, 50% of our users attest to our product’s easy-to-use, one-day setup process.  On average, Informatica Cloud’s users went live in 3 months compared to SyncApps’ which is just one month!

Return on Investment

Buying software, like any other business expenditure, is an important aspect to effectively managing IT costs.  With SyncApps, we ensure that your organization gets value for money.  We assure that your payback period will be less than 6 months.  In the data gathered by G2 Crowd, our users received their ROI within 7 months.  10 months earlier than that of Informatica Cloud’s ROI of 17 months.

SyncApps has been rocking G2 Crowd’s User Satisfaction Ratings in 2017.  Check out how we beat the industry’s leading competitor, Dell Boomi.  Heading into 2018 G2 Crowd has listed SyncApps as one of the best iPaas software which was determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact).  Read G2 Crowd’s full SyncApps vs Informatica Cloud iPaaS comparison report here.

Let us help you achieve your integration and implementation plans, without breaking the bank.  Sync your applications today.  Focus on your sales by seamlessly integrating your Cloud, On-Premise, or Plug-in applications.  Give SyncApps a try!

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