Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Custom Field Mapping

salesforce to constant contact

Custom Field Mapping

SyncApps syncs basic default pre-mapped fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name, Phone, and Address.

Custom field mapping allows you to sync custom form fields over from your Salesforce CRM to your Constant Contact marketing automation. This will map a custom field(s) in Salesforce via SyncApps over to Constant Contact(s) field.

Learn more around how to manage your custom fields in Constant Contact here.

Custom Fields in Constant Contact

Constant Contact allows up to 100 custom fields to be created. But for integration purposes, only 15 pre-labeled fields are only exposed in Version 2 of Constant Contact’s API.

Due to Constant Contact’s API restrictions, only 15 custom fields are allowed for any integration and any extra fields beyond that are be supported.

Learn more on how to add, edit, and delete your custom fields in Constant Contact here.

See our full replay of our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Field Mapping here below.

Watch out for a brand new Walkthrough Wednesdays Series next week where we will be featuring our Filtering and Segmentation feature!

We hope to see you all again next time.

The SyncApps Software Team