Constant Contact Marketing Campaign Metrics Flow to Salesforce

Automate Constant Contact Marketing Metrics Into Salesforce - Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Forwards, URLs Clicked, Open Rates, and Click Rates for real-time insights to build better, authentic customer relationships.

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Constant Contact Campaign Metrics synced back to Salesforce

Emails are one of the best ways to reach and engage your target market, and having the Sales team understand what is going on from the Marketing side is a key to overall company success. Measuring the performance of your email marketing campaigns with metrics like Email Open rates, essentially those who opened the email from your marketing team out of all those sent that Campaign, is one important metric.

This is where SyncApps can help your large, medium, or small organization optimize the marketing process to include marketing campaign metrics for sales and operations teams. Syncing back your marketing metrics to Salesforce helps Sales, Marketing, and Operations make data-driven decisions in real-time without the need for IT or other system administrator's help gathering data.

Customer and Lead Intent Capture

This is the crucial outcome of capturing Constant Contact marketing metrics back into Salesforce.

Let's say your marketing team looks at your blog's content over the past year and repurposes the most popular blogs into a podcast sent to your target market and customers who want to know about new features. In the podcast, you highlight and include a link to a landing page with the solutions related to that podcast.

The increase in the podcast email open rates, email click-through rate, and URLs clicked that get collected through that process, the more you'll know the podcast series email being sent out in Constant Contact is compelling and driving leads.

Lead Intent Metrics

Automate the lead flow from Constant Contact to Salesforce from every customer journey touchpoint. Once your target market has been dialed in, and you've built up the needed value for your solution, ensure the Sales team knows each lead metric is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce.

By seeing these Lead metrics, they can understand how their prospect, customer, or suspect engages with your content. Try building a lead capture and Campaign Metrics automation for yourself to see the Return on Effort in just a few minutes.

Lead Segmentation and Target Marketing

Engage your leads through personalization by ensuring the content they see is tailored to their interests. Using Constant Contact Campaign Metrics flow back to Salesforce will help you foster more authentic customer relationships beyond the initial conversion through advanced segmentation.

You can now leverage personalized email marketing campaigns using custom field mapping back to Salesforce from Constant Contact to harness the power of custom field automation and customizable workflows.

When leads flow into Constant Contact, SyncApps can sync the tailored custom field data from each Campaign metric to help you effectively categorize leads based on relevant and nurture leads with customized content moving forward.

The increase in the podcast email open rate, email click-through rate, and URLs clicked that get collected through that process, the more you'll know the podcast series email being sent out is compelling and driving leads.

Sales Actions From Constant Contact Marketing Metrics

Sales insights into what Marketing is doing by capturing marketing metrics back into Salesforce are essential to streamline your business processes and tailor a better customer experience for your target market.

From small businesses, nonprofits, and large enterprises, SyncApps Campaign History automation back to Salesforce provides market-leading organizations with the platform they need to build real-time relationships with their constituents, prospects, and customers.

Marketing metrics tell a story in Salesforce about how and what your relationship with your customers and prospects is doing engagement-wise and allows you to tailor your sales strategy in tandem with what marketing is nurturing those in your target market.

Now you can measure campaign metrics Return on Effort, see metrics feedback from users in real-time, monitor campaign effectiveness, and plan for success with your team.

Deliver Constant Contact marketing campaign metrics to Salesforce that inspire

Engage your Sales teams throughout their day with easy-to-see marketing metrics from customers and prospects so they reach out effectively.

marketing metrics flow to Salesforce

Opens - Understand what your customers and prospects see before you pick up the phone or type an email.


Clicks - See product buying intent, content intent, and more with real-time click metrics.


Bounces - Know when to reach out and update your contact or lead information.


Forwards - Get excited about the content being shared and capitalize on it.


URLs Clicked - The best metric for product marketing and sales teams to know.


Open Rate - Is your outreach meeting the standards you've set for growth? See in real-time to tweak any messaging.


Click Rate - Are the sales messaging points in your marketing working? Find out every time you sync data.

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