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When Cazoomi was formed 8+ years ago most of our consultants were in multiple countries working on various large and small projects for all kinds of clients

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We never intentionally structured our "Follow-the-Sun" support model, which works best for service desks that work around the clock, i.e 24 hours a day and 7 days a week yet just happened to fall into it.  Having our "Customer Lobby" available 24/7 for prospects, customers and partners has definitely played an instrumental key in our support success.

Over time our customers who awoke to the Sun in New York began to figure out they could email or call our San Francisco location starting at around 7am up to 7pm PST as well as any international customer email would also land on our US Service Desk for Cazoomi.

As the sun started to slip away from us in San Francisco and head towards Australia, the service desk function would be picked up by our Indonesian SyncApps or Philippines team leads and all emails would be handled by each team with the same process which follows when the Sun moves towards India and Sri Lanka. Hence, the name, Follow the Sun.

Now heading into our 8th year at Cazoomi, our "Follow the Sun" service desk has really become efficient, both for our SyncApps software support along with our Project teams who all collaborate together using a simple software called Google.  Although we heard that Follow the Sun works best for larger organizations with large offices spread across the globe, we have proven it for much smaller start-ups like ourselves with just over 15+ folks at any given time providing support and services from home.

Pros: Resiliency is the biggest advantage in our Cazoomi model.  If any of our team leads are not able to take an issue email or deal with a client, we can have another team who can take over thus eliminating any single point of support failure we provide for our global customers. Our team leads are also paid extremely well in their local markets, and, if they like, can work weekends.  They are also stakeholders in the company thus loyalty is high.

Cons: Many think it may not be as cost effective, because you would need a dedicated management team yet Cazoomi has a flat organization so each team lead is responsible for their service desk’s pulse.  Following the Sun has become engrained in our culture and is how we live, work and play at Cazoomi.

Kepp Calm and follow the sun

Keep Calm and Follow the Sun

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