AIGA – The Professional Association for Design

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AIGA is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design. They have more than 25,000 members in their over 70 chapters.

The Professional Association for Design


AIGA is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design. They have more than 25,000 members in their over 70 chapters.

The Association’s mission is to advance design as a craft and help professionals in this field with insightful content, a vibrant community, as well as various tips and tricks on how to get ahead in their industry.


More than 50% of AIGA’s revenue comes from membership fees. Maintaining a close relationship with their members via multiple channels is not optional for them, it’s mandatory.

AIGA use Mailchimp and Salesforce to stay on top of their communication with members in their 70+ chapters. Through proper integration of the data in both solutions, they ensure that each member gets the support they need and continue to part of this design community.


As you can imagine, keeping track of 70+ chapters nationwide is not an easy thing to do. Especially since the native Mailchimp integration doesn’t help them transfer data from Salesforce the way they need it.

A custom-made integration is out of the question for most non-profits and AIGA makes no exception here. Hiring a team of developers and/or staff that knows how to code is not the best way to make use of their already limited funds.

Plus, the majority of out-of-the-box solutions are incredibly expensive, especially when you have to manage 70+ chapters.

This is where SyncApps comes in.


Through the Mailchimp to Salesforce integration, SyncApps helps AIGA manage their contacts without any human error. Our integration is the way AIGA makes sure that data stays clean across chapters and that their members are happy with the information coming their way.

More importantly, since funds are important in any NGO, SyncApps provides an affordable solution for AIGA. Our fees for this powerful integration are 5-10 times lower than the market average – this makes SyncApps the preferred iPaaS provider for NGOs.

Key Outcomes

  • AIGA staff save a lot of time – they don’t need to input any data manually
  • All the AIGA members get relevant information in due time. No member misses an important event announcement, for instance.
  • Data integrity: making sure that all data in Salesforce is properly synced to Mailchimp for each individual chapter is key. They don’t want to invite a member from their Austin chapter to an event in Chicago.
  • They have more than 70 integrations, all powered by SyncApps to help them assign every new email address to the right chapter and the right marketing automation sequence.
  • AIGA manages to save a lot of money by working with the most affordable integration on the market. That money can be used to fund even more events and content that help their members reach their goals.
  • The AIGA marketing staff doesn’t need a representative in every single chapter to manage communications. They can do everything from one location and one dashboard.

Need to leverage the same advantage for your own NGO? Get in touch with us – we’d be happy to recommend the best and most affordable integration for your needs. Let us help you further your mission!