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  • September 15, 2019|
  • 3 minute read


CivicMakers operates under the mantra of “solving public problems with empathy”. An innovation and engagement firm based in San Francisco, California, CivicMakers engages communities to help them develop designs, ideas, and processes in answer to socio-economic problems. In summary, they advocate collaborative problem-solving through education, consultation and a community of practice.

CivicMakers take the “impact-driven approach” seriously. As a result, they have collaborated with the likes of Startup in Residence; been invited to speaking engagements at the Personal Democracy Forum, Code for America Summit and BridgeSF; and rebranded and relaunched their popular newsletter, LINKS, for public access.

With the goal of marrying empathy with effectivity, CivicMakers elevate communities through social collaboration and educated leadership.


The day-to-day processes at CivicMakers are made easier through Zoho CRM’s and Mailchimp’s features. CivicMakers use Zoho CRM for the handling of contact and deal management side of the daily grind, while Mailchimp is used for the marketing campaigns via emails and other digital correspondence.


CivicMakers believe in working smart – which is why they’re making use of Zoho CRM and Mailchimp.

In utilizing Zoho CRM, CivicMakers are able to integrate their social media accounts into the software for better lead management in terms of social media presence. Zoho CRM also helps CivicMakers manage contacts, leads, opportunities, and tasks. Zoho CRM also provides them with email tracking, so that they can observe the effectiveness of any given marketing strategy in real time.

Mailchimp then handles the actual marketing process. With its user-friendly interface and attractive templates (which can be customized), Mailchimp provides intuitive visuals-driven tools for CivicMakers to utilize in their marketing and communication campaigns.


Nothing is ever built perfect – this maxim is true even for software. One of the struggles that CivicMakers have to confront on a daily basis is importing and exporting records from Zoho CRM to Mailchimp. This is a crucial issue, as CivicMakers C handle real-world problems in real time; delays could negatively impact the effectivity of their solutions.

In identifying this issue, CivicMakers also identified their solution.


CivicMakers utilize SyncApps by Cazoomi for their marketing integration. By automating the import and export of client records from one software to another, CivicMakers are able to streamline their processes, saving them time and other resources. By working smart, CivicMakers can allocate more of their time better towards community building and development – a win for everyone involved.


Key Outcomes

  • Utilized integration workflow to create new campaigns and sync campaign responses in Zoho for new emails created and sent through Mailchimp bolstering CRM reporting.
  • Combined Field Mapping from Zoho CRM to Mailchimp for precise geolocation segmentation, which is a big part of CivicMakers email automations.
  • In Mailchimp, there is an option when creating a Group to allow whether that Group appears on signup forms and this is utilized in tandem with CRM integration to allow subscriber interests to be indicated with full automation.
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