Matr Boomie

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MATR BOOMIE is a wholesale fair trade collection from India that marries modern design sensibility with inspiring traditional art forms, bringing people and cultures closer together.


MATR BOOMIE is a wholesale fair trade collection from India that marries modern design sensibility with inspiring traditional art forms, bringing people and cultures closer together.

They began in 2006 with the mission of creating opportunities for women and minorities. Their aim was to help them realize their creative, economic and leadership potential. Manish partnered with grassroots organizations and helped transform unskilled women and men into skilled artisans.

What Manish Gupta and his wife Ruchi began in their Austin apartment has now grown to empower 20,000 artisans in 40 partner communities throughout India. More than 1,500 retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia sell their jewelry, gifts, journals, fashion, and home accessories. Major brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Coldwater Creek, Disney, Home Goods, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Whole Foods turn to them for custom and private label designs.

We are proud to help organizations like Matr Boomie realize their full potential and empower women and minorities.


Matr Boomie’s passion has enabled them to build a credible force in the fair-trade market. They have also made critical differences in the lives of partner artisans, their families and communities.

Their experience brings the best of both worlds: the trust, reliability, and professionalism of an established wholesale company. This plus exclusive, modern, and boho-chic styles that appeal to ethical consumers has turned them into a force to be reckoned with.

They have NetSuite as their ERP. Their website was built on SiteBuilder, a really old platform where everything is hard coded. This makes it hard to find original developers. Engaging new people to redevelop it would have consumed too much time and would have been expensive.

Matr Boomie also needed a way to capture customers who abandoned their carts to remarket the products to them and get them to complete the purchase cycle.


A website that is hard coded can be a struggle today. Apart from finding it hard to find the original developers, coding it would be a problem, too. This would be expensive and time-consuming, especially since they needed to connect their store to Mailchimp. To achieve this and have it operate seamlessly would mean a room full of developers.

SyncApps helped them get around this problem much easier and, of course, much cheaper. The cloud-based integration application helped Matr Boomie sync NetSuite to Mailchimp. Mailchimp allowed them to improve their email campaigns through follow up emails based on what their customers did. This refocused their marketing campaign and offered customers an experience that translates into sales.
With SyncApps, Matr Boomie could integrate their Mailchimp and NetSuite data without coding!


Matr Boomie wanted to sync customer information from NetSuite to Mailchimp without needing a developer. NetSuite gave them a different list of customers who left items in their cart using Saved Searches. They needed an integration that would add and remove users from Mailchimp based on the results from saved searches.


SyncApps helped Matr Boomie sync their customer information from NetSuite to Mailchimp. The Full Sync Feature Add-On enabled Matr Boomie to remove entries from their Mailchimp account once they had fallen out of their NetSuite saved searches.
Having SyncApps made it really easy for them to create ‘Abandoned Checkout’ newsletters. They have been using SyncApps for the past two years and they have seen real, tangible results.

“SyncApps helped us get around the process of needing developers. They made the process more seamless and not to mention the support team that is very responsive when it comes to customer service. I highly appreciate you guys for that as well” – Andres

Key Outcomes

With the NetSuite to Mailchimp integration, the Matr Boomie team is now able to:

Create an automated series with Mailchimp

Create a NetSuite Customer Saved Search to find out who had left items in their cart (with a sub-total greater than zero) inside of NetSuite

Place Saved Search into Step 1 of their integration

Sync those customer’s email addresses to a list inside of Mailchimp, which triggers the first newsletter (by using a “when a subscriber joins this list” automation)

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