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Hong Kong is the promised land for wines and wineries. The appetite for fine wines in the area was undoubtedly enhanced by James Suckling (yes, the James Suckling), who’s had a semi-permanent base camp there for years.


Hong Kong is the promised land for wines and wineries. The appetite for fine wines in the area was undoubtedly enhanced by James Suckling (yes, the James Suckling), who’s had a semi-permanent base camp there for years.

If you’re going to sell premium, rare wine, there are few better places in the world than Hong Kong. Omtis Fine Wines, our subscriber, knows that very well. They do an excellent job sourcing and selling the world’s most sought-after wines to an audience made of connoisseurs.


Obviously, there are a lot of opportunities for wine sellers in Hong Kong and Asia in general. While the market is constantly growing and the demand for fine wines increases exponentially, sellers come up with new ways to keep their customers happy and engaged.

Omtis, for instance, sources the wines directly from the wineries. This way, they can offer some of the best wines in the world ahead of their competitors and do so at great prices.


Flourishing markets aren’t without their challenges. For Omtis, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly their growing competition. The world of wine is incredibly complex and rich — it takes a lifetime to barely scratch the surface.

So they have to be extra careful with the wines they sell and, more importantly, with the way they communicate with their audience. Segmentation is crucial for them. They need to be able to send the right promos to the right customers.

For instance, how would you approach someone who only likes old-world wines? Do you try to sell them a Carmenere nonetheless or do you stick to what you know they love.

Plus, you need different approaches for those customers who love to try the best wines themselves and for those who look for wines with aging potential to be added to their collection.

To help with segmentation and the creation of campaigns, Omtis uses Mailchimp and NetSuite. While this helps save them time in some respects, in others it adds to their plate.

If you want truly well-targeted campaigns (like Omtis does!) you would need to manually import data from one solution to the other. For instance, you need to see who opened what emails and clicked on what links in NetSuite, not just in Mailchimp.

This can’t happen if your solutions act like scorned lovers and never speak to each other.


To save time and gain better insights into their audiences, Omtis started using Mailchimp for NetSuite integration.

Tap here for Mailchimp for NetSuite Setup with Features Explained.

Sync Email Marketing Data

The Omtis marketers go beyond the basic features of the integration, much like their business model has to go beyond the usual wine selling store.

Using Specific NetSuite Saved Searches and Subscriptions helps Omtis to sync records
to their Mailchimp Audience efficiently.

Check this video how this works:

This way, they can easily target existing customers, new customers, customers with certain preferences, and so on with separate, highly effective campaigns.

Specific NetSuite Saved Searches and Subscriptions

They have also utilized this feature to Step 4 in Field Mapping, for easier syncing of specific records between NetSuite and Mailchimp.

Field Mapping

Check this video how Field Mapping works:

Sending emails to a specific Mailchimp group is helping them save 13 hours a week of manual work.

Why do Wineries and Wine Sellers Love SyncApps?

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  • Say goodbye to repetitive manual data entry.
  • Sync key customer, vendor, e-commerce data automatically.
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Key Takeaways:

  • Omtis saves dozens of hours every week by trusting automation with what used to be manual data migration.
  • They can easily map custom fields to create their own flows and segmentation to deliver highly personalized campaigns.
  • They manage to stay ahead of their competitors by targeting their customers in advanced ways, all without spending a fortune on expensive solutions or huge marketing teams.

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