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Power Monitors, Inc.is an industry-leading product design and manufacturing firm based in Mt. Crawford, Virginia. PMI strives to solve power quality problems by listening to their customers and working with them to design and manufacture products. From line power voltage monitors to advanced meter socket recorders, Power Monitors, Inc. delivers tools for modern companies.


Power monitoring and smart devices are part of an industry that’s no longer in its infancy. However, the technology in these fields evolves every day, so there is always an opportunity for growth and for reaching new customers who are still unaware of the benefits of IoT or IIoT.

Power Monitors works with customers all over the country to deliver integrated solutions. In order to make sure their campaigns address real needs, they use HubSpot and NetSuite. These two solutions allow them to keep a close eye on their customers’ journey.


HubSpot and NetSuite both offer a plethora of insights into information about Power Monitors Inc.’s buying patterns. However, without a bird’s-eye-view into the data collected by both platforms, making data-backed marketing and sales decisions is hard.

Power Monitors Inc. needed a solution that combines these insights and helps them understand their buyers’ behavior. All without spending hours every week with manual data input.

Power Monitors unlimited sync Data


hen they stumbled upon the HubSpot for NetSuite integration by SyncApps, Power Monitors Inc. was able to solve their challenges. This is why they and dozens of other companies in the manufacturing and construction industry choose SyncApps:

Feature highlights for Manufacturing and Construction

Manage each phase of your manufacturing and construction business for your team by building trust, delivering quality, and excellence to your clients!

  • Monitor production, sales processes, and supply chain data to gain the insights you need.
  • Make data available for improved tracking of defects and advanced planning of demand for products or services between your software.
  • Streamline production while enhancing customer satisfaction through effective Marketing Automation Campaigns with syncing data back to CRM.

Using HubSpot for NetSuite, Power Monitors, Inc. was able to:

  • Integrate millions of records to/from NetSuite and HubSpot
  • All Contacts
  • With Field Mapping in Step 4, they can map all fields they want to sync from NetSuite to HubSpot which allows the automation they need in HubSpot to occur seamlessly and without time-consuming human intervention.
  • Field Mapping
  • Filter and segment records that they wanted to sync from NetSuite to HubSpot to be able to really target the customers, prospects, and fans who they market to daily.
  • Filter and segment records

Key Outcomes:

  • Dozens of hours saved monthly that would have otherwise been spent on menial manual data migration.
  • The Power Monitors Inc. team is now able to focus on what really matters: growing their business.
  • Seamless integration between HubSpot and NetSuite.
  • Combined insights from the two platforms allow our subscribers to create data-backed campaigns.

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