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QSAC, Quality Services for the Autism Community, is a New York City and Long Island-based nonprofit organization that supports children and adults with autism and their families.


QSAC is a New York City and Long Island-based nonprofit organization that supports children and adults with autism and their families.

They help them achieve greater independence, realize their future potential, and contribute to their communities in a meaningful way.

FFounded in 1978, QSAC supports these families by offering person-centered services to more than 2,400 children and adults throughout the region.


QSAC uses TalentLMS and Salesforce, a great combination of tools for any organization offering courses or classes of any kind.

For QSAC, reliance on digital tools increased when the pandemic hit and they needed to keep close to their staff and the people they are helping. They kept offering online classes when they couldn’t be meet the people they were helping in person.

This was a challenge for them, but also a big opportunity: online courses mean an opportunity to expand to new markets


Working with people with autism means you can never afford to drop the ball on the way you handle your data. Prior to using SyncApps, the QSAC team had a lot of valuable information in their Salesforce database. Updates to Salesforce records needed to be reflected in that system as well. Using SyncApps, they were able to sync the details of their contacts into the outside system, and updates were pushed there as well.

UQSAC needed a way to integrate their Salesforce records with TalentLMS — the only way to keep track of their stakeholders, community, and staff members without glitches and without putting in too many hours.


SyncApps from Cazoomi helped them sync their contact details into the outside system. They could also easily access updates from the same system.

After setting up their integration, QSAC approached our support department with an interesting question:

Do we know if it works properly when an employee is marked as “terminated” (Inactive) in Salesforce?

Check out our answer below and the process for setting this up in case you ever need to keep better track of your staff members using TalentLMS for Salesforce:

  • If an employee status is changed to inactive, would be changed to inactive in TalentLMS.

Then it would be the same or you can update the field for Active to not be active and it would accomplish the same with the integration.

And lastly – how would I enable this for everyone?

  • Using Filtering and Segmentation

Once you are ready then you can remove the filter as shown in the steps below so as to enable it for all Active Email addresses in the system.

Steps to test:

  • Choose (create) one employee with employment status Active but not in TalentLMS yet
  • Use filtering feature to sync the chosen employee by email address
  • Perform sync.
  • A user should be created in Talent LMS with the email address as username. Notification email should be received by the employee
  • For the next sync if the user already exists in TalentLMS, the record is ignored (no update is done)
  • If the result is as expected then the filter can be removed

Using Filtering and Segmentation

QSAC was extremely happy with this outcome, so we received one of our favorite things in the world: great feedback:

“SyncApps is a great tool to link disparate systems without writing your own API. Support has been great, and we have been extremely happy,” – QSAC

Key Outcomes

Thanks to SyncApps, QSAC can:

  • Automatically update users
  • Sync data that is available and accessible from anywhere
  • Data is automatically updated on their external emergency notification system
  • Save time by skipping manual input. In turn, this time gets used doing what they do best: help people stay safe

Is better equipped to handle the needs of their community, even in times as uncertain as the thickest moments of the COVID pandemic.

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