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Raven is an IT consultant based in the UK and founded back in 1981! In the 40+ years since they got into this business, the IT landscape has changed massively. How can a company in such a volatile industry keep thriving for so many years?


Raven is an IT consultant based in the UK and founded back in 1981! In the 40+ years since they got into this business, the IT landscape has changed massively. How can a company in such a volatile industry keep thriving for so many years?

It’s quite simple: they kept evolving and staying at the forefront of tech solutions. OK, the explanation is simple, doing this is not exactly simple.

Want a sneak-peek into long-term success in competitive industries? You know you do!



As an agency operating in the digital marketing industry, Raven has firsthand knowledge of the best solutions on the market. This is how they came to choose Mailchimp for their marketing automation.

Since they also advise UK companies on what solutions can power their businesses, you can bet that their knowledge of Mailchimp is more than in-depth. This means they also know you can leverage Mailchimp even more if you integrate it with your other marketing and sales solutions.

Unlimited Records Sync


Raven needed to integrate Mailchimp with Dynamics 365. Yes, we know, there are plenty of solutions for that. But here’s the catch: as an agency, Raven has a lot (A LOT!) of records to sync. The iPaaS options for them were not only pricy but also very restrictive.


Enter SyncApps (yes, we sometimes like to be dramatic).

On a more serious note, SyncApps is the best choice for agencies like Raven because it will sync unlimited records and your client projects will go smoother since you can just add in any integration on the fly.

It all started with a question from the Raven marketers:

“If I create a new sync profile will it create all the members of this Audience in Dynamics 365 or do they need to pre-exist?”

Our answer:

Yes, they will be synced over to that other Mailchimp Audience so the best practice is to place the wanted records in the CRM Marketing List(s) then in Step 1 under “Marketing List Sync”, select the Specific Lists so only the selected CRM Marketing Lists will be synced over to that other Mailchimp Audience.

The Mailchimp Audience plays a big role in integration as we either create a new record in Mailchimp if the record does not exist from your Marketing List or we marry to it so it is a long process for 270,000 against say, 1000 in your Marketing List.

For Rave, this process was cut short when they started using the SyncApps integration. They now save tens of hours every month on what used to be manual data input and migration.

Another feature they rely on is Contact or Lead creation using “Unknown” as the last name if the last name is blank.

In your CRM, for those new records that were set to “Unknown”, things just got easier. With this feature checked, if the last name field is blank in Mailchimp, then we will auto-populate the CRM’s Last Name field to “Unknown” so that the record will be created in CRM.

marketing lists

Here’s the detailed guide for Mailchimp for Dynamics 365 setup with features explained.

Want to use this feature? We’re proud to say that you’ll never find it anywhere else! SyncApps is the only iPaaS that offers this solution, along with unlimited sync.

These two features combined are what led Raven to choose us. The alternatives offered by companies like Zapier and PieSync not only lack the feature above altogether, but they can get very pricey very quickly.

zapier price

For instance, if you choose a Free or Starter Plan from our competitors and sync 100-1500 records on day one of the month, you cannot sync anything else again until next month. With SyncApps, there’s no limit to how many syncs you can perform. We believe that real integration should be real-time, so you have access to correct and up-to-date records anytime, not just when the time is right for your iPaaS provider.

Key Outcomes

With the Mailchimp to Dynamics 365 integration Raven can:

  • Save tens of hours every month.
  • Sync their records any time a new update happens, so their sales and marketing teams are always on the same page.
  • Enjoy features that exist nowhere else.
  • Manage tens of thousands of contacts and leads across platforms with ease and with a minimal time investment

Want to leverage the same benefits and enjoy unlimited sync at the most affordable prices in the industry? You’re just a click away from leveraging the most comprehensive and affordable iPaaS solution on the market.

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