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Ever heard of RB or Reckitt Benckiser? What about Dettol or Lysol? You’ve probably used them a lot during the pandemic. The same goes for Durex, the no. 1 helper in reducing the number of pandemic babies. Nurofen, Scholl, and Veet are just a few other brands in the RB portfolio.

It’s safe to say that you can find at least one of the RB brands in every household in countries where they are available. Do you know where else you can find these brands? In the SyncApps by Cazoomi client list.

We won’t hide it. We take great pride in the fact that one of the biggest companies in the medical industry has chosen us as their iPaaS partner.

Check out the full RB x SyncApps by Cazoomi story below — we guarantee you’ll draw some inspiration from it!


RB has to handle marketing for A LOT of brands. And, in doing so, it has to strengthen its position as a leader in its industry. It goes without saying that they are looking for top marketing automation tools.

How else could you manage millions of subscribers efficiently?

One of those top marketing automation solutions RB uses is the SyncApps by Cazoomi Shopify to Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration.

Lysol, Dettol, Clearasil, and others are some of the RB brands people loved during this pandemic. But, of course, RB, couldn’t simply rely on a relatively steady stream of demand, especially during a time when any company needs to be closer to their customers than usual.

So they made sure their communication is spot on and that it matches the suddenly changed needs of their customers.


As a UK-based company with customers all over Europe, GDPR compliance is very important for RB. But here’s the catch: when you use two distinct solutions (Shopify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud), both of whom handle customer data, errors are bound to happen.

What are you going to do? Manually mark any unsubscribe from one platform to the other? Spend dozens of hours every month checking compliance?

That’s so 2000s! And definitely not what RB does.


They use SyncApps by Cazoomi, so they cut those dozens of hours to a few minutes every week and completely eliminate tedious manual data migration.

Shopify for Marketing Automation

Here’s how they use the SyncApps by Cazoomi features:

  • They use our unsubscribe management feature for their millions of records per brand on RB.com
  • Customer lists in Shopify to Salesforce Marketing Cloud migration plus net new customers flow into Salesforce Marketing Cloud for future marketing purposes.
  • GDPR compliance is on auto-pilot. Their customers are happy with the targeted (and solicited!) marketing messages they receive. RB is fully compliant with no risk of legal liabilities.

Key Outcomes

  • Effortless GDPR compliance, which allows global marketing of their brands with confidence using data from Shopify via SyncApps
  • Marketing and Sales alignment is more accurate due to unsubscribe data syncing bi-directionally.
  • Dozens of man hours saved every month due to their no longer needing to manually check and uncheck subscription boxes.
  • More time for the RB marketing team to focus on what really matters: strategy and being closer to their customers.
  • Modern marketing made easy: hyper-targeting to make automated emails look like they were sent by hand to each client.

Want to take your marketing to RB level? Start with a FREE account on SyncApps by Cazoomi to test out the integration the medical giant uses every day to create insightful and GDPR-compliant campaigns. Test the Shopify to Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration 100% FREE. We won’t even ask for your credit card number!