Rémy Martin

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Rémy Martin


Founded since 1724, Rémy Martin is the only major cognac house that was established by a winegrower. It created the first-ever winegrowing cooperative in the region called the Alliance Fine Champagne fifty years ago. At present, nine hundred Petite and Grande Champagne growers supply Rémy Martin with unique eaux de vie.

By 1948, Rémy Martin producing cognac only. The grapes used come from the two in-demand vineyards in France, which is rich in chalk soil, which allows the roots of the vines to grow freely. With the soil’s permeability, moisture is retained during dry seasons which helps maintain the acidity and aroma of the grape. This results in extraordinary eaux de vie and aromatic grapes.

For three centuries, Rémy Martin has been run by two families, the Rémy Martin and the Heriard Dubreuil families who share the same values. Still following the traditional processes of making wines, they continue to distill all of their cognacs on the lees together with the residual yeast in copper stills. This is to create perfectly balanced cognacs that have a subtle blend of floral, fruity, oaky, and spicy aromas.


Targeting buyers that are based in the US and UK, Rémy Martin was in search of an integration platform to sync their Mailchimp with their Salesforce account to market their Bruichladdich, Cointreau, and Rémy Martin brands.


Rémy Martin uses Salesforce to streamline and automate their business processes and Mailchimp to manage and talk to their clients and other interested parties. To integrate these two software, an integration platform is required for Rémy Martin to manage their data effectively.

With the help of SyncApps, Rémy Martin is able to integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp without the need to drawdown IT resources and or other departments.


To extend its reach in the US and the UK and be able to target buyers that are based in these mentioned locations, Rémy Martin was in need of an integration platform to help connect the software that market its brands.


With SyncApps, Rémy Martin was able to market their Bruichladdich, Cointreau, and Rémy Martin brands in the US and the UK successfully through integrating their Salesforce with Mailchimp. By enabling the FIltering and Segmentation features in the platform, they were able to filter out those who have subscribed to their specific subscriptions and manage GDPR compliancy with ease.

Salesforce with Mailchimp

Key Outcomes

  • Integrate Salesforce with Mailchimp to segment Remy Martin international brands.
  • Use a simple point and click integration platform to easily filter out the records rather than manually importing/exporting them out based on their subscriptions in both systems.
  • Enable Filtering and Segmentation feature to filter out records that are subscribed to specific Marketing Programs and subscriptions saving 10s of hours each month.