The Green Economy

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The Green Economy

In the era of GDPR and privacy issues, The Green Economy had a problem that many small businesses can relate to: they had trouble managing their email lists and contacts collected in various methods.

Cazoomi helped them integrate their systems. They now know exactly whom they can email and about what.


The Green Economy, (TGEink, the Magazine of The Green Economy) collects information on opportunities available in a green economy to those who work in the industries of the future. They then sequence and analyze this information and craft it into content that can be consumed by policy makers and decision makers.

The Green Economy aims at delivering content that can help businesses and partners measure content impact. They also analyze their delivery so that their processes can adapt to partners, readers, and next generation needs.


The Green Economy was going through a series of problems, which as a media publication, were slowing them down. They felt that if they do not do something about it, their operations would eventually grind to a halt!

Their major issue at the time was how to sync their key operations. For a long time, they’ve been spending a huge chunk of their time managing contacts and media leads. They had been using Zoho CRM to keep track of thousands of our contacts as well as Constant Contact for newsletters, and occasionally for announcements of special deals with some of their other media partners.

Going to trade shows, conferences and seminars was a nightmare for them. When these events were over, they got back with stacks of business cards. They then had to sort each into different formats, upload to two different sites.

Think this is not complicated enough? It gets worse!

After all this manual work, they still had no way to import (or set alerts for) the Constant Contact contacts who opted out Zoho CRM.

In the end, they ended up using high priced sales and marketing talent because it wasn’t worth hiring and training someone else for something that happens in spurts.

They really, really, really needed a seamless –emphasis on the seamless– way to get all these contacts synched between Constant Contact and Zoho CRM.


Along came SyncApps. All they now have to do is switch it on, schedule it and it just does its work. With their contact group in Constant Contact called Zoho, they would be able to see how many new people have come over from Zoho CRM.

If by any chance there is a duplicate contact by mistake, Constant Contact picks it up, thus avoiding emailing a contact twice or worse, emailing someone who has opted out – that can be annoying, right? With the new integration, they just put any new contact into Zoho CRM and let the Cazoomi SyncApps bring it on over.

Between headache relief, cost savings, and the smiles on the faces of their sales staff, it’s been a huge boon!


The Green Economy needed a way to manage contacts and media leads without having to enter data twice.

They needed to know who has come over to Zoho and who has opted out.

They needed a seamless way to email their contacts without duplicating email or emailing someone who has opted out.


SyncApps seamlessly integrated their Constant Contact and Zoho CRM. They can now easily see who has joined from Zoho CRM, who has opted out and who needs to be emailed.

Key Outcomes

Save tons of effort, money, and time with SyncApps.

Sync accounts, contacts, and leads to a Mailchimp list.

Connect multiple CRM instances to multiple Mailchimp accounts.

Filter and sync only those records that meet specific criteria from CRM.

Sync marketing lists to Mailchimp group(s) or tag(s).

Update CRM from Mailchimp contact update forms.

Sync specific campaigns and campaign responses from Mailchimp to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sounds enticing? Want to forego manual data inputting, too? We can help you with the right integration solution! Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there – everything is easy with Cazoomi.
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