The Vines of Mendoza

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The Vines of Mendoza


It was Michael Evans and Pablo Gimenez Riili who saw the potential of Uco Valley in the city of Mendoza in Argentina which made them invest some 250 acres of its land in 2005. Their cause was to live their dream of owning a vineyard and be able to produce premium quality wine. Since then, The Vines of Mendoza had sold private vineyards to 220+ owners coming from the different parts of the world, expanded its property to 1,500 acres, and became a reputed winemaking enterprise in the region.

The Vines of Mendoza is not just about vineyards and wines, but it also features private villas, a luxurious spa, and the majestic views of the Andes Mountains. These are offered by The Vines Resort & Spa to give wine lovers and travelers around the world the best of Mendoza.


Covering a worldwide market, it can be vigorous for The Vines of Mendoza to reach out to all corners of the globe to promote its properties and sell their vacation idea or lifestyle brand, especially when each country has their own language. This can be time-consuming, given that there are other tasks that should be dealt with.

The Vines of Mendoza needed a platform to make this task easier and be able to focus on other business processes.


The Vines of Mendoza is making use of Propertybase to attract and manage leads through its tightly integrated real-estate CRM and Mailchimp to automate their email marketing campaigns. To experience both software as much as possible, an integration platform is required in order for The Vines of Mendoza to manage processes efficiently.

With SyncApps, The Vines of Mendoza was able to improve its business processes for it greatly helps in integrating Propertybase with their Mailchimp.


For The Vines of Mendoza, getting leads around the world is a significant part of their business. The only challenge is how they will be able to reach out to countries and send emails that are personalized to deliver their intent clearly.


With SyncApps, the business requirement of The Vines of Mendoza was realized through the implementation of robust Field Mapping, which helped them manage their business like reaching out to their prospects coming from different countries.

They make use of SyncApps to sync their Leads from Propertybase to Mailchimp, search for specific users who have unsubscribed in Mailchimp and win them back, and sync back targeted Mailchimp Campaigns to Salesforce for report tracking.

Propertybase to Mailchimp

Key Outcomes

  • Use SyncApps to sync Leads from Propertybase to Mailchimp automatically to automate activity based messaging.
  • Search for specific users in Mailchimp Audiences who have unsubscribed and use better retargeting offers to encourage resubscribing.
  • Sync back Campaigns, not Activities in Salesforce to better kick off automated tasks for resort representatives.