United Cellars

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United Cellars


Founded in 2004 by Anthony Ghattas, United Cellars is an independent dealer of fine wine and spirits situated in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The company specializes in retailing spirits and wines from the Americas, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand, including wine futures from Bordeaux and Burgundy, France.

To fulfill the company’s promise, which is to give “The Greatest Wine Experience”, United Cellars assures that its customers will receive personalized services by delivering them the right wine to their doors. This is done by not utilizing any middlemen, and instead, provide a bespoke wine advisory service called “Cellar Angels” which offers customers a one-on-one service by matching wines to the needs of its customers and giving access to fine and rare wines from wine producers worldwide.

United Cellars treasures its customers so much that they are given access to new wine releases and vintage wines, cellaring advice, express door to door delivery, invites to exclusive wine occasions, and many more.


Just like any other industries, the food and beverage industry requires businesses to respond and adapt to the demands of its customers to be successful. The challenge is how to deal with the customers and be able to provide services efficiently. A platform is needed to solve this business process.


United Cellars makes use of NetSuite for managing business customer relations, finances, and operations. And in order to manage their email marketing campaigns, the company adopted Mailchimp.

With SyncApps, United Cellars is able to integrate NetSuite with Mailchimp.


United Cellars needed an integration platform which can help them simplify their processes through automation, given that they have a quite large NetSuite account. They wanted to only grab specific records to integrate to the specified Mailchimp Group Titles. This is their core integration requirement.


With SyncApps, United Cellars was able to sync specific records specified to unique Mailchimp Group Titles then on to specific Groups through the use of Dynamic Saved Searches. By running the Mailchimp Campaign(s) to the said Groups, their Marketing and Sales team were able to monitor the marketing metrics, which then sync back to NetSuite for robust reporting.

Note that by default, SyncApps creates a Contact in NetSuite but the “Create A Lead” feature can be used like in this use case to bring back new records from Mailchimp as Customer – Status Lead in NetSuite.

Mailchimp to Netsuite

Key Outcomes

  • Dynamic Saved Searches now deliver total automation to Mailchimp Groups for marketing teams to reach out to
  • Sync Email Marketing Data (Campaign Response) is brought back automatically from Mailchimp to further segment user preferences in NetSuite for wine aficionados
  • Use of Custom Fields enables the power of NetSuite to Mailchimp preferences for marketing automation series
  • Use of Mailchimp Multiple Group Title feature empowers real-time buyer segmentation which would otherwise take hours each day to achieve