United Way

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In 1887, a Denver woman, a priest, two ministers, and a rabbi got together… no wait, I know it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, but hear me out.

United Way

In 1887, a Denver woman, a priest, two ministers, and a rabbi got together… no wait, I know it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, but hear me out.

So they didn’t walk into a bar; thank God for that, right?

What they did was recognize the need to work together in new ways to make Denver a better place.

Frances Wisebart Jacobs, the Rev. Myron W. Reed, Msgr. William J.O’Ryan, Dean H. Martyn Hart and Rabbi William S. Friedman put together an idea that became the nation’s first united campaign, benefitting 10 area health and welfare agencies.

These five amazing people created an organization to collect funds for local charities as well as to coordinate relief services. This organization also offered counsel and referred clients to cooperating agencies.

It also successfully made emergency assistance grants for cases that could not be referred.

That year, Denver raised $21,700 for this greater good. This gesture created a movement that would become United Way whose aim is to advance the common good across the world with a focus on education, income, and health.

United Ways mobilized 2.9 million volunteers and raised 5.2 billion dollars across 1,800 United Ways in 41 countries ranking United Ways as the world’s largest privately funded Nonprofit Organization.


United Ways brings together the stakeholders in each community, government, NGOs, and business partners, to build a collective impact strategy that addresses the most present issues identified at the local level.

They use Salesforce to manage their clients by focusing on marketing and support services. They use Mailchimp for email marketing through sending messages, collecting statistics and improving customer relations.

United Ways needed a way to integrate these two applications for streamlined communications, data sharing, and better customer engagement.


SyncApps by Cazoomi syncs their Salesforce data with Mailchimp. This way, leads and contacts can be targeted with highly personalized email content. Contacts are also automatically updated once they meet a certain criterion.

United Way can now easily manage their volunteers and subscribers. They can also send targeted emails to individual volunteers.


United way needed a way to integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp to help them streamline communications, data sharing, and better customer engagement.

The lack of insights caused by separate databases got them spending more on marketing than they should have.


SyncApps by Cazoomi allows them to manage subscriber data, import Salesforce contacts to their Mailchimp email list, and update campaign statistics.

Key Outcomes

United Way can track their campaigns and therefore keep track of prospects

Campaign member activities can be tracked automatically and monitored

Leads and contacts are updated automatically and can be targeted with personalized emails

Campaign statistics are updated automatically in Salesforce after a campaign has been sent by Mailchimp

United Way saved money and time. There was no more need to manually transfer data from one place to another. Plus, due to better marketing insights they managed to reduce their campaign costs through precise targeting

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