Upstream USA

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Upstream USA


Upstream USA, a national nonprofit which was founded in 2014, has been working on reducing unplanned pregnancies in the United States. They partner with states in order to provide sustainable technical assistance and training to health centers and ensure all women are catered and have access to birth control methods.

With “true patient choice” as its mission, the organization is dedicated to training its staff and providers with approaches that enable them to provide patient-centered contraceptive counseling. Such counseling method is based on best practices that were proven efficient and at the same time, effective, free from coercion, tailored to the desired goals of the patient, and respects their time and decisions.

Many have seen the potential of the organization in the US, and this caused the Blue Meridian Partners to invest $60 million and then receive generous support from philanthropic individuals and foundations.


Partnering a number of health centers from different states that serve millions of women hints that the organization is doing well in its cause to deal with the issue of unplanned pregnancy in the country. However, reaching out to a huge list of contacts might take some time to complete. And if required to only target a group of contacts, doing this manually demands additional human resources and time, which is not practical.

To deal with this concern, a platform is needed for Upstream USA to manage its subscriptions.


Upstream USA uses Salesforce to track all client information and interactions in just a single location to follow leads. To communicate and build relationships with their clients, the organization uses Mailchimp.

With SyncApps, Upstream USA is able to integrate Salesforce with Mailchimp to build up a large audience for their organization’s message.


Upstream USA was looking for a platform that could help them manage subscriptions of their clients without the worry of doing them manually which could take hours each week.


With SyncApps, Upstream was able to integrate Salesforce with Mailchimp. The integration helped the organization manage subscriptions of its clients by utilizing the CRM Checkbox Segmentation feature inside the integration. By utilizing this feature the CRM users simply just need to manage one screen to add or remove a checkbox to get a subscriber to the right Group in Mailchimp.

For executives who need to get robust reports inside Salesforce the Campaign Response feature was enabled to allow Mailchimp email campaign metrics to flow back as Campaigns to each record.

Salesforce with Mailchimp

Key Outcomes

  • Campaign Responses easily are shown in Salesforce allow for deeper access to Mailchimp data on the Salesforce dashboard reports
  • CRM Checkbox Segmentation feature saves hours each week in manual effort