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Previously known as NGA Human Resources UK and Ireland, Zellis was founded in 1963. The company was then renamed to NorthgateArinso after acquiring Northgate in 2007 and later simplified to NGA Human Resources. Until last year, 2018, the UK & Ireland division was sold to become a standalone company, then given the name, Zellis. Today, it is the largest payroll, HR, and managed service provider in the UK and Ireland.

Zellis offers managed services, HR administration, recruitment, and a payroll and HR software to help businesses achieve better outcomes and employee experience. The company’s headquarters is located in Hemel Hempstead in the United Kingdom.


There are risks in businesses that should be given attention. Such includes developing faults in the HR process or getting a pay run correct. These are just some of what Zellis has been dealing with their clients. The company has designed technologies and processes to help alleviate these mentioned risks.

Being the leading provider of HR, managed services, and payroll in the UK, the company is catering to thousands of clients. Managing an overwhelming number of members can be daunting. This is why Zellis needed an integration platform which could help them manage their business processes.


Zellis makes use of HubSpot for inbound marketing and sales purposes. Services include content management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and web analytics.

In order to manage their business customer relations, finances, and operations, Zellis adopted NetSuite.

With SyncApps, Zellis is able to integrate HubSpot to NetSuite.


Zellis needed a platform which can help them move data from their site when Leads fill it into NetSuite. Once in NetSuite updating their GDPR preferences and Customer Score is critical. This is their primary integration business requirement.


With SyncApps, Zellis is able to move data from their site whenever someone is seeking more information into their system of record, NetSuite. With the filter feature on SyncApps, it is assured that only valuable leads will flow to NetSuite and have a HubSpot score that meets their threshold. Also, they make use of the Field Mapping to map GDPR, custom opt-out, subscriber preferences which live in HubSpot to NetSuite for tighter compliance in a GDPR-enabled world.

Netsuite to Hubspot

Key Outcomes

  • Integrate HubSpot with NetSuite to keep Sales in sync with Marketing without the hassle of manually moving data between divisions.
  • Use Filtering and Segmentation from HubSpot to automate their flow of marketing data into NetSuite and Saved Searches from NetSuite to streamline new data into HubSpot by the sales teams.
  • Use Field Mapping extensively to control GDPR field compliancy in their NetSuite Customer records without the need for IT.