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Freshdesk for NetSuite helps you build customer relationships through integrating the Freshdesk Tickets to NetSuite Cases, and vice versa. Sign up for a SyncApps account and check out this video!

Through this integration, you can reach out to your customers or they can reach out to you in real-time to gain confidence with your product, hassle-free!

Check out the Major Features below:

  • Tickets in Freshdesk can create NetSuite Cases
  • Freshdesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (One-way Ticket Sync)
  • NetSuite Case to Freshdesk Ticket (One-way Ticket Sync)
  • Sync Freshdesk Ticket to NetSuite Case only if NetSuite Case does not exist
  • Sync NetSuite Case update to Freshdesk Ticket
  • Sync Freshdesk Users to NetSuite Contacts
  • Sync NetSuite Customers to Freshdesk users
  • Add or Update Contact details in Freshdesk with NetSuite Contact data

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