Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Q4 Walkthrough Wednesdays Recap

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Our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series, launched last July, has been highly successful gathering huge responses from our subscribers. To wrap up the year, we have compressed our Walkthrough Wednesdays that we have hosted for the Q4 in one single Walkthrough Wednesdays Recap.

Q3 Features Announcement

NetSuite to Drip Integration

The #1 most requested integration from our subscribers, our NetSuite to Drip integration is now available. Developed to provide the needs of our subscribers, this new integration is in high demand for both small and large B2B and B2C businesses. Even Nonprofits are joining up in droves for Drip and NetSuite this year. Learn more about our newest integration here.

SyncApps “No Limitations” Feature

SyncApps has now rolled out our unlimited 2 Week Free Trial which is targeted at real-life large list integrations. We have now removed all limitations for your SyncApps integration testing on all our Free Trials. This comes with the ability to sync an unlimited number of records and unlimited CRM Campaigns, List Views, Tags, Lists, and Saved Searches, just like our full plans, with our fully-packed Enterprise features on every Free Trial.

NetSuite Token-Based Authentication

SyncApps now supports NetSuite’s new Token-Based Authentication. Token-based authentication (TBA) allows you to generate a secure, revocable, non-expiring tokens for integration.

Mailchimp GDPR Fields Bidirectional Mapping

With this feature, you will now have more control over your data before sending out an email campaign as GDPR compliancy feature is available in all our Mailchimp integrations. Since Mailchimp opened its API and due to popular demand, SyncApps rolled out the support for GDPR compliancy which means GDPR fields are now mappable back to your CRM or even bidirectionally.

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning Experience is the newest Salesforce User Interface. To give their users a fresh and simplified experience, they have added an option to switch your Salesforce Classic UI to their Lightning UI. With a more graphical approach on the look and feel of their new UI, users are given the modern and beautiful user experience from Salesforce.

Salesforce Charts & Dashboards

In lieu of Salesforce Lightning Experience, Salesforce Charts and Dashboard gives you powerful visibility of the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. You have the power to use these reports and charts as starting points – modify, adjust, and enhance your strategies to meet the specific needs of your business and your subscribers. Focusing on the right reports will help you to analyze and improve any of your marketing campaigns.

Zoho CRM Integrations

Zoho CRM Potentials

Potentials (also called as Deals) refer to the number of sales opportunities or deals made from your CRM Contacts. In a Sales’ perspective, these are considered the sales windows that you need to keep an eye for. In any sales organization, Potentials are the most important records to generate real revenue for your business.

Zoho CRM has partnered with Cazoomi to deliver a new way to sync Zoho CRM for optimal targeted marketing! We provide a fully integrated solution for Zoho CRM to MailChimp with captured lead scoring, contact and lead data, from Zoho CRM to Mailchimp.

Zoho CRM List Views

A List View is grouping of records in Zoho CRM based on a defined set of criteria. List Views are highly beneficial for displaying customer specific data according to your business requirements. You may be interested in following-up on your recent leads from the week before or filter out your Potentials. The best way to handle these in Zoho is to set a filter criteria using the List Views.

You can also use List Views for changing records owners or deleting specific records in bulk and as well as sending targeted email marketing campaigns.


For the last quarter of 2018, we have had showcased interesting topics that we hope are useful to all of our subscribers. This week’s Walkthrough Wednesday is the last that we are hosting this year. Please stay tuned as we will commence by January next year wherein we will be featuring more integrations and topics for your integration with SyncApps.

In behalf of SyncApps, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you, Guest Speakers, Attendees, Valued Subscribers for being with us in our Walkthrough Wednesdays and for your undying support and patronage of SyncApps.

Thanks again for checking in & hope you can join us LIVE next time. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog to get all our updates for your thriving business.

The SyncApps Software Team

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