Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Salesforce Charts & Dashboard for your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Measuring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is highly critical for marketers. Your email campaign metrics are best measured on a regular basis, ensuring that you have a maintained email list which can highly improve the ROI of your campaigns. On average, email marketing has an ROI of 4300%; defeating other marketing channels such as social media and paid searches. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on your email marketing campaigns and the metrics.

Salesforce Charts & Dashboard

Salesforce can be a powerful reporting tool for marketers tracking potential customer interactions and activity. In fact, setting up a basic marketing dashboard is a great way to learn the basics about how to use the Salesforce reports & dashboards really quickly.

Salesforce Charts

Salesforce Charts and Dashboard gives you powerful visibility of the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. You have the power to use these reports and charts as starting points – modify, adjust, and enhance your strategies to meet the specific needs of your business and your subscribers. Focusing on the right reports will help you to analyze and improve any of your marketing campaigns.

Integrating your Email Marketing Campaign Metrics to Salesforce

Campaign Response

Campaign Response/Metrics is a way of recording the responses from your prospects or clients in an email marketing campaign. This records the opens, clicks, links clicked, and bounces. This SyncApps feature allows you to sync the Campaign Response data from your Marketing Automation solution to your CRM. Just a simple point and press to sync!

Watch our detailed webinar on how you can easily set up your email marketing campaign metrics to Salesforce with SyncApps here

Redpath Consulting Group

Redpath is a Salesforce Silver partner that has worked with over 300 enterprises, mid-size, and non-profit organizations since 2008. They simplify, implement, and accelerate their client’s integration for Salesforce with SyncApps.

Get in touch with Redpath

As a consulting partner, they help their clients manage their Salesforce CRM more efficiently to attract & engage with more prospects, resulting to lead conversion and rocketing sales for your business. Get in touch with them today!

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