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Salesforce Lightning Experience

What is Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX)

Salesforce Lightning Experience is the newest Salesforce User Interface. To give their users a fresh and simplified experience, they have added an option to switch your Salesforce Classic UI to their Lightning UI. With a more graphical approach on the look and feel of their new UI, users are given the modern and beautiful user experience from Salesforce.

Is it right for you

If you are into the modern and beautiful user experience, then Salesforce LEX is definitely for you. Not only is the LEX interface getting better with each release, but eventually all new development and forward motion in the Salesforce ecosystem will be in LEX. If you aren’t quite sure still about LEX, Salesforce “Classic” will still be available and supported for a long time, though it will start to stagnate.

Why are we excited about it

Salesforce LEX gives users a more customized control over their own experience. Each page can definitely be optimized according to need. You can optimize your pages by objects, users/roles, and even apps. The best part about LEX is that you have access to Salesforce Custom Components. Currently, Salesforce has 99 available Custom Components on AppExchange, each designed to boost your Salesforce user experience.

Redpath Consulting Group

Redpath is a Salesforce Silver partner that has worked with over 300 enterprises, mid-size, and non-profit organizations since 2008. They simplify, implement, and accelerate their client’s integration for Salesforce with SyncApps.

Stephanie King, a Certified Salesforce.com Consultant, graced us with her presence and we are honored to have her as our guest speaker for this week’s webinar. Get in touch with Redpath to get a free consultation on your Salesforce integration with SyncApps.

SyncApps’ Salesforce Integrations

SyncApps’ now supports over 15 Salesforce integrations and counting. Being our top integration to date, integrating with Constant Contact and Mailchimp, we at SyncApps make sure that we provide our subscribers with the best experience for their Salesforce integration. No matter which Salesforce edition they’re using, SyncApps will always support that for them.

Currently, SyncApps supports both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Editions of the following: Developer, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions.

Explore our available Salesforce integrations for your business right here.

The SyncApps Advantage
Save Time

The average business wastes 2 hours per week on manual data issues between different systems. Automatically integrating your records bi-directionally within your apps, SyncApps removes manual input which can take hours and eliminates errors due to user input.

Sync Your Data

With SyncApps, you can seamlessly integrate your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in applications with your E-mail Marketing Automation Apps by easily setting up your integration.

Stay Productive

Having automated your manual efforts, SyncApps lets you focus on other factors that drive your business.

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