SyncApps® by Cazoomi offers an integration framework available to unite your company's data.

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SyncApps® by Cazoomi is the easiest way to synchronize your applications without breaking the bank. Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, Cazoomi introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription.

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NetSuite for Zendesk

Integrate Zendesk for NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld to get deeper customer engagement.  Sales, Support and Financials data integrated to Zendesk.

NetSuite for Zendesk
Zendesk for NetSuite

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How Does Zendesk for NetSuite Integration Work?

Setup is super simple

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Major Features

Feature image

Select the Sync Mode right for your NetSuite

Feature image

Add or Update Contact details in Zendesk with NetSuite Contact data

Feature image

Sync Zendesk tickets to NetSuite Cases

Feature image

Option to sync only Zendesk Tickets to NetSuite with a specified tag

Feature image

Migrate NetSuite Cases to Zendesk Tickets

Feature image

Sync Zendesk Users to NetSuite Contacts


Features Professional Enterprise
Select the Sync Mode right for your NetSuite
Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case (One-way ticket sync)
NetSuite Case to Zendesk Ticket (One-way ticket sync)
Sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite Case only if NetSuite Case does not exist. Sync NetSuite Case update to Zendesk Ticket
Do not sync Zendesk Ticket to NetSuite
Sync Zendesk tickets to NetSuite Cases
Option to sync only Zendesk Tickets to NetSuite with a specified tag
Sync Zendesk Users to NetSuite Contacts
Sync NetSuite Customers to Zendesk users. (Feature available upon request)
Add or Update Contact details in Zendesk with NetSuite Contact data
Zendesk Apps for NetSuite available for Enterprise subscribers.
(All Sales orders, Balances + Customer Search feature & more)
Search NetSuite Customer from Zendesk Ticket
View NetSuite Sales Orders in Zendesk | Custom Records Tab (Warranty, RMA) build to your NetSuite specifications
Zendesk to NetSuite Time Tracking
Migrate NetSuite Cases to Zendesk Tickets Unlimited
Migrate Historical Zendesk ticket data
Custom Field Mapping between NetSuite Case, Customer and Zendesk Ticket, User, Organization.
(Customization available upon request for NetSuite SFA objects like Sales Orders, Invoices, Products, etc.)
Free access to our first Enterprise Import App, "Bulk Zendesk Organization Update", to Update Zendesk Orgs name, Import unlimited records to Zendesk, Quickly import user's time zone, or photo, or language preference, etc  
Number of Integrations available 150+ integrations Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Number of Records 5 Integrations 20+ Integrations
Sync on Demand (Anytime)
Sync Scheduling (6, 12 or 24 hours) Real-Time
24/7 Support and Email
Scheduled Phone Support - Book it

*Zendesk Time Tracking app must be installed in Zendesk.

How it Works!


Enter your Sync Profile name. The Sync Profile, or in plain English, the integration name, is just a description for you to remember the Sync Profile that you will create so it is easy to get to the one you need to if you need to edit it later.

Enter your Sync Profile name
Enter Zendesk Credentials

Next, enter your Zendesk Credentials and if you have any questions, hover over your SyncNotes tooltip to get more information. ps..., those are the little green SyncNotes in the setup steps throughout SyncApps.


Enter NetSuite Credentials. Connecting to NetSuite is super simple. Just enter your credentials and Account ID to get started. To review NetSuite role permissions prior to integration setup for Step 1 in your Sync Profile please see our article.

Enter NetSuite credentials

Additional Configuration. The Additional Configuration screen allows you to select additional options to suit your integration requirements like Zendesk ticket value mapping, ticket statuses and more.


Next is Field Mapping. Field Mapping from NetSuite and Zendesk allows you to update existing records or new records with ease.

Need to map NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk Organization fields? See our article and get in touch.

Next is Field Mapping.
Sync Scheduling

And the last step is Sync Scheduling. Sync Scheduling can be set up on paid plans. Sync on Demand is available for all trials to allow quick testing of your Zendesk for NetSuite integration.

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