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All you need to know about SyncApps Pricing Plan

SyncApps offers four exciting pricing plans: Enterprise, Professional, Basic, and Free. We have flexible options that will fit business size for data integration needs, whether you’re a start-up, growing business, nonprofit or working in a large company.

We also have Sync Add-Ons available for purchase to further enhance the features you need for your integration.


Set Up is a SyncApps term for the setup of 2 available software, where data from one application is synced to another application. The technical term for this process of syncing two applications together is integration. Depending on the SyncApps plan you choose, you can set up one or hundreds of integrations for your company with ease. Here’s a link with more information on what a Set Up is and what it looks like.

The Sync Scheduling feature allows you to automatically integrate your software without manually tapping the "Sync Now" button. Need to know how it works? Check it out here.

Team Members are the account users of the SyncApps account with access to controls and updates on how an integration has gone. Team Members must have a designated Team Lead who will have administrator privileges of the SyncApps Account, effectively overseeing the rest of the team’s accesses and restrictions. To see how you manage your Team Members, tap here.

Types of SyncApps Subscription Plans

Once you’re done signing up and have completed our 2 weeks Free Trial, the next step is to subscribe to our Paid Plans or just start on a Free one. All subscription plans are available for all integrations!

You may upgrade your account, change billing details, or payment method at any time. Each SyncApps subscription plan differs on available features to match different integration needs. You can always reach out to our 24/7 Support team for advice on which plan is the best fit for your needs.


The Free Plan offers essential features for those who want to connect their key Marketing Automation software to their core CRM, eCommerce or other software. Additional features are available through Add-Ons and upgrading to our Paid Plans.

Here are the available features for the Free Plan:

Basic Plan ($49.99/month)

The Basic Plan is designed for growing businesses, nonprofits and institutions who need to integrate all their software in one platform. Additional features are available as Add-Ons and on higher Plans.

Perfect for any growing organization.

Here are the available features for Basic Plan:

  • 2 Integration Set Ups Available
  • 2 Team Members
  • Unlimited records for syncing
  • 1, 6, 12, and 24 hours Sync Interval
Professional Plan ($99.99/month)

The Professional Plan is for the realtime organization who needs all their data integrated now.

This plan includes ALL the listed Major Features that is vital for business growth. You can add unlimited Team Members for your Sales, Marketing, Support, and Finance teams.

Here are the available features:

  • 10 Integration Set Ups Available
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited records for syncing
  • Real-time and Flexible Sync interval
  • Dedicated Integration Success, tailored Onboarding Services, and integration implementations
Enterprise Plan ($199.99/month)

The Enterprise Plan includes all of the available Major Features AND special SyncApps features such as real-time syncing, multiple software instances integration, customizations to meet complex business integration requirements, and more.

This plan also comes with free dedicated phone support to meet your business needs for your growing organization.

Here are the available features:

  • 20+ Integration Set Ups Available
  • All Integrations available
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited records for syncing
  • Unlimited Flexible Sync Scheduling
  • Dedicated Integration Success, tailored Onboarding Services, and integration implementations

All Plans have access to 24/7 Support, so if you ever encounter any SyncApps issues, you can always reach us out through or you may book a FREE call through our Services page.

Sync Add-Ons

Sync Add-Ons are additional features for your integration. To know more about the available Add-Ons, see here.

Do you offer discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?

Absolutely! We offer a 50% discount for all non-profit organizations and institutions. Institutions include the education and government sectors. Universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

In your SyncApps account, this discount is automatically applied to all .org, .edu, .ngo Trial emails registered in our system upon upgrade. Please note that the 50% discount is applied to subscription fees only. Add-Ons and Services fees retain their regular rates.

If you're an institution with a different type of email domain, just send our 24/7 team a note so we can get your SyncApps account updated for the 50% discount as soon as possible.

Payment Method

We accept all credit card type payments, but if you prefer a different payment method, or your organization needs an invoice or PO send a note to our Billing team today.

What SyncApps Plan is best for you?

Your integration needs will determine which plan is best suited for you. You can always reach out to our 24/7 Support team for assistance on which plan fits your integration needs best.

The Best things in Life are Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers and quick solutions to the most common questions about integration with SyncApps

Yes, the SyncApps Platform integrates your data bi-directionally from your key software to other software in your organization, as long as the data or field(s) are API-supported. Connecting multiple software is easy using our integration profile system which allows multiple setups.

Yes, if these field(s) are configured in Step 4 of the Set Up, then any changed data from software 1 to software 2 will be updated. In most cases, the system of record, software 1, wins the integration war. Yet, in some use cases, software 2 can update software. This is pointed out in detail in tooltips in the setup of your integration.

Yes, we do migrate all your (API-supported) data even if the data already exists prior to using SyncApps. In some cases, the connecting software 2 will just need to integrate first to software 1 then run the sync in SyncApps. Moving forward with software 1, the system of record will update software 2 with any data changes.

Once the software or enhancements are feasible, our product development team will give an ETA on when to roll out the new software or enhancements so that our support team can relay this information to you.

Absolutely! Just book a Free Call with our dedicated Sales Engineers here. In just fifteen to thirty minutes, the experts at SyncApps can help you narrow down the right software integration for your organization.