15 Myths about Marketing Automation

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There are times when you’ll come across claims that aren’t true and create a false impression about the importance of marketing automation. Check out each below with your team and discuss how they affect your perception today.

Below are 15 myths commonly associated with Marketing Automation:

 1. It’s impersonal and robotic

Computers and technology are viewed as a thing devoid of emotion, and the energy humans as individuals provide to society.

The software allows you to learn about your audience, share information, and ensure that everything is to the right target audience at the right moment. But it’s the people who bring the human element, develop relevant, personal, and valuable content, and then determine who should be the recipients.

2. It’s just too costly

There is a myriad of marketing automation software providers, which means you’ll choose from the options. Sure, there are some at the top of the price range; however, many are reasonably priced, and you should consider what one best suits your business requirements.

Free trials, freemiums, and demos are useful. They allow you to try the software before deciding to purchase it. If you use them correctly, the benefits of automating software far exceed the costs.

3. It’s not for large enterprises or large teams

A lot of marketing automation companies focus on small and mid-sized firms and even solopreneurs. They provide the tools small businesses require to expand their businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

If you do a bit of study and experiment with these free programs, you’ll easily locate your ideal. If you are a freelancer, solopreneur, or large or small business, You can harness these capabilities of the program in your favor.

4. It’s exactly the same as marketing via email

Some automation software companies focus on email marketing only. However, other platforms provide various tools, such as building landing pages and bulk SMS marketing advertising via direct mail, pop-ups, customer journey builders, integrated systems, and more.

There’s no need to employ all the tools available. If your company just needs landing pages and emails, opt for a program praised for these functions. You can still utilize direct mail as a method of communication, but not all businesses need to take advantage of the entire range of possibilities offered by Marketing Automation software.

5. It’s threatening people with spam

It is possible to send emails to your customers by using automation software or not.

People who use marketing software understand that you can set and schedule communication send-outs. Compare the rates of open and clicks at various times to determine the ideal moment to make a send. Also, the frequency at which you send is something to be considered. Consider it this way: send when you have something useful and pertinent to share.

6. It is possible to set it and put it away

This is a risky path to walk on. The software allows you to create and plan everything to ensure that you don’t get overloaded.

But, it is important to check every now and then to ensure that everything is functioning as it should, keep track of the progress, and determine what changes you need to make to be aware of your campaigns and performance.

7. It is only able to send messages in a timely manner

Automatization is utilized to schedule and send various types of messages in a timely manner.

The real value is in the possibilities it can provide with regards to effectiveness and targeting the right people and tracking, monitoring results, and testing, as well as the possibility of improving your marketing campaigns. The information you collect will help you understand your customers.

8. It’s too difficult to use

The current solutions aim for an easy-to-use interface and tools that are easy enough to use by people with no previous experience with marketing automation. Additionally, MA solutions usually have at least one type of documentation, an onboarding program, or a training program to assist you in understanding how things work. If you’re new to the field, it is also essential to begin with, the basics before you move on to the more sophisticated tools.

9. It resolves all problems with marketing

Marketing automation takes an extra burden off your shoulders and allows you to be multi-tasking, efficient with your time, and take advantage of many marketing possibilities.

It is important to determine how automation can fit into your plan and how it can help you reach your goals in business and marketing.

It also assists you in identifying problems and making adjustments where needed; however, if you apply it without plans or strategies whatsoever, It won’t do anything good for your company. It’s not going to solve the issues you face.

10. It’s just for the marketing team

However, the information the program offers you will teach you about your clients and their habits, as well as what areas to concentrate on and the things you should be investing in.

This means that successful support, marketing sales, sales, and support team members can profit from it. Particularly when they collaborate and share insights. By involving teams from different departments together, you’ll be able to find gaps and opportunities and discover when teams should join in and take over.

11. This means that you will require less content

There’s a second misconception. It is possible to reuse the same piece of content and post or send it several times; however, you must frequently provide fresh, relevant, useful information to your customers to keep them interested.

The software lets you provide content to different channels at the same time, but it does not mean that you have to stick with the same content repeatedly.

12. It’s lazy marketing

Many people believe that using marketing automation will make you a lazy marketing professional. You schedule emails, then lay back and relax.

Automation requires planning and energy to create campaigns that should never be ignored or not monitored. That means you’re not lazy, and you are working more effectively to ensure your processes are optimized and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

13. It requires technical expertise

If this was the situation, only experts could make use of it. You’ll have to employ one or fail spectacularly.

Lucky for you, there is a wide range of users of the marketing automation branch is wide for every profession and industry. There are many different solutions available. has the same complexity degree, and some may have you getting a grasp of the terms before you can begin using it.

The good news is that the majority of these have collections of help center information videos and help teams, along with training materials and an onboarding program that will teach you how to utilize the solution.

14. It will replace the marketing

One thing technology will never be able to replace: the human element.

The ability to think creatively, which forms an integral part of a marketer’s mindset, isn’t something that can be achieved through machines. However, no matter what is automated, there will always be the need for a marketing professional to steer the direction of creativity in a company.

Additionally, consumers appreciate the human element when they communicate with brands. They like to know there’s a person across the table. Ever wondered why the personalities of brands are human, such as charming, friendly, and compassionate? Because people love talking to others.

15. It will provide you with tons of leads for no cost

It’s definitely easier to generate many leads by automating the Lead Generation process. Are all of them good leads that are likely to convert if you do not consider the marketing campaign?

Yes, you’ve wasted the time of your sales team too. To generate high-quality leads, you must invest some thought and time into creating your content and campaigns and be aware of what potential clients want. This way, you will know the leads that should be pursued.