A December duck story (aka BIG new feature/updates announcements)

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Big new Feature updates Announcements

There’s a lot to be excited about in December. Whether it’s the first snow of the year or the bright sunny days in the other hemisphere, I know there’s something you must be loving about this month. For me, it’s about the ducks 🦆.

In December, everyone gets (or plans to get) their ducks in a row and set intentions for the upcoming year, myself included. In 2022, SyncApps has big plans. You’ll hear about them soon.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at Q4’s ducks. I mean, new features and updates. We got them in a neat row for you to inspect and analyze easily.

New product features

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) feature

This quarter’s chief duck is the most sought after by our community. If your nonprofit relies on donations, you’re gonna LOVE this. Yes, it’s the complete integration of the Nonprofit Success Pack. You asked we delivered. This duck’s special abilities include:

  • Make recurrent donations a breeze. Hello, recurring, predictable income!
  • Quickly identify who’s donating. For example, you can see that a new record in Mailchimp donated to your nonprofit from their own pocket, not from that of the organization they are part of.
  • Instead of creating/syncing the Company name in Mailchimp to the Company name/Account Name/Organization name in Salesforce NPSP, SyncApps will create an Affiliation (Household account) for that record instead.

Ready to unleash the power of laser-precision targeting for your nonprofit? Check out how the NPSP integration works:

NPSP Mailchimp for Salesforce

NPSP Feature: Check Personal, Work, and Alternate email for new records creation from your marketing solution

heck Personal, Work, and Alternate email for new records creation from your marketing solution

NPSP Feature: Create Organization Affiliation only for new records creation from your marketing automation software

Create Organization Affiliation only for new records creation from your marketing automation software

Read more about NSPS:

New Integration

TalentLMS for Salesforce

Our neat row is delighted to welcome a brand-new duck: the TalentLMS for Salesforce integration. Since a lot of our subscribers are in the education industry, I’m sure the new duck will seamlessly integrate (see what I did there?) into our portfolio.

If you’re selling any type of course, TalentLMS will make it setting it up a breeze. You have all the neat functions and features you need, without months-long, glitchy setup processes.

That covers the course functioning part. But what about marketing it? You know, to get people to appreciate how great it works?

This is where the Salesforce integration comes into play:

→Create a user in Salesforce if the username does not exist in TalentLMS.

→Update existing user data in TalentLMS to a custom object in Salesforce.

→Deactivate a user in TalentLMS if they are deactivated in Salesforce.

TalentLMS fOR Salesforce

TL;DR: Take back control of your course marketing and stop wasting money on ads that will never convert. The TalentLMS for Salesforce integration can get your educational program under the right eyes and save you thousands of $$$ in advertising costs.

Tip of the Month:

From our team to yours — the tip of the month brings you one quick hack to rule them all. In December: did you know that you now have 28 days of free trial to test our integrations? Plus (and this is a BIG one) unlimited records! Whether you choose to stay with us or not, you have plenty of time and records to get your ducks in a perfectly neat row by the end of the year.

Unlimited Records on our 28 day Trial to help migrate records, test out use cases, and more…

Need to replace error-prone CRM data import/export for your business? This is a perfect set it & forget it plan.

  • FREE for Marketing Automation software setups
  • $0
  • Per month | Per company
  • FREE for Marketing Automation
  • 1 Integration Set Up
  • Sync 1-1,000,000 records, or even more
  • Every 24 hours sync interval
  • 1 Team Member
  • 24/7 Support


Learn more here

Workflows Demystified

(Most In-Demand Feature of the Month — According to Support)

This month, the feature our support colleagues were asked about the most is Constant Contact resubscribing to Salesforce.

We know you love it because it gives your subscribers the possibility to choose from the subscriptions they want to keep from month to month. It helps with compliance and with better targeting.

Here’s how to easily set it up yourself (but remember we’re here for you 24/7 if you stumble!).

Constant Contact resubscribing to Salesforce

This is our December duck row. Can you guess why we set it up so neatly? Yes, it’s because we’re planning even bigger things for 2022. You’ll hear from us soon.

In the meantime, if you need help with getting your ducks in a row, our free, extended trial is just a click away.