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Are Your Contact Lists Up to Date? Here’s How to Get More out of Them Easily with Reset Sync
  • April 29, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

Email or lead lists are not one-and-done projects. They evolve constantly, along with your marketing campaigns and the way the world changes around you. If you want to get the most value out of your list, the first thing you need to do is make sure that it’s always up to date.

This means deleting contacts with no engagement but also regularly changing statuses, segmentation criteria, and even email or physical addresses.

Most integration solutions out there will help you migrate your data from your CRM to your marketing automation software and vice versa. But you need more than that to leverage your list to the fullest.

You need every field of every entry to be up to date.

Salesforce Update Record

Typically, fields on a record do not change the actual record when it is updated in Salesforce as this is needed in the API to then sync that changed information over to Mailchimp. We solve this dilemma behind the scenes by updating the record with our AI called Full Sync feature.

This is one of the favorite features of our subscribers in the nonprofit industry. Let’s discover why.

Nonprofit Consultants like ImagineCRM use Mailchimp and Salesforce to integrate their Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

To track donors and prospect donors for their organization, SyncApps helps them seamlessly integrate records using the Checkbox Field Mapping feature to let consultants sync any CRM Checkbox Fields clients Lead or Contact records to Mailchimp’s List/Group/Segment.

Keep in mind that the nonprofit industry went through a very tough time during the pandemic, so proper segmentation is now more important to them than it ever was. The last thing they need is to alienate the remaining donors or prospective donors.

See video this video how it works:

Why Do Nonprofits Choose SyncApps for Their Integration Needs?

Reach out to the world! Integrate your Nonprofit or Institution and get an exclusive 50% off on all our pricing plans!

  • Manage existing multiple systems effectively.
  • Simplify processes so you can focus on strengthening connections with members, finding new donors, and delivering better services through Leads obtained from Marketing Automation Campaigns.
  • Track time and money spent and progress on projects using rules-based Field Mapping and Segmentation Features.

Real-Life Use Case:

Got a ton of multi-select picklists in Salesforce and want to sync to Mailchimp tags and make a formula that triggers a record update even if the value changes in Salesforce?

Here’s how to do it:

SyncApps uses the Last Modified Date to make sure any changed data in your Salesforce is moved over to Mailchimp in real-time for the automations that drive your business.

Our “Reset Sync Profile daily” feature really brings AI to life as we work behind the scenes to manage the real-time data integration your company needs.

What is the Reset Sync Process, you ask?

It’s a process where, if you want to re-sync your data at any time and during the next sync process, all your data between your software will sync. Once you have made any updates to your Sync Profile, you must do this step again so that the new changes will be applied in the next sync.

With our AI running behind the scenes we can make sure any changes in your Multiselect Picklists or Formula fields are moved over to the Mailchimp fields that drive your automated marketing today.

Reset Sync Integration

In other words, this feature will re-sync your records every day, making sure you do not miss any critical Salesforce record changes from your team.

CRM Checkbox Fields to Mailchimp Groups

What does the “Reset Sync Process” button in my Sync Profile page do?

Note — Every change that has been done in Mailchimp and Salesforce Reset Sync is always done to SyncApps to apply the changes in the next sync.

Want to leverage this feature in your marketing? Start using SyncApps 100% FREE.

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